Arizona Democratic Organizer Caught Teaching People How To Illegally Vote

Democratic hatred and desperation to rid America of President Donald Trump has led to record fundraising, protests, harassment of elected officials, and death threats for three straight years.  In Arizona, though, one particular incident demonstrates the lengths Democrats will go to defeat him.

This event occurred at the Phoenix Women’s March on Sunday, January 19, 2020. Two young Republican activists, Joe Baswari and Josh Aminov, disguised themselves as illegal immigrants and approached a booth run by AZ Blue 2020, a liberal grassroots organization. They asked the group’s cofounder, Richard Gooding, if his group supported “illegals” and how they could vote as non-citizens in order to get Trump out of office. While the cameras were rolling, Goodman confirmed AZ Blue 2020 does support illegal immigrants but correctly told them they would have to become citizens in order to vote. Once the cameras turned off, though, the liberal organizer changed his tune:

Goodman:  Now, there is. You’d have to tell me you’re a citizen when you’re not. If you fill out a federal form and say you are…

Baswari: Do you have this form?

Goodman:  No.

Baswari: Where can I get it from?

Goodman:  You can go to the Secretary of State’s office and ask for a federal form because they don’t verify your citizenship.

Baswari: And I can register to vote?

Goodman:  Yes. But you’re gonna have to tick the box and say you’re a citizen.

The above conversation lays out two consequential pieces of information. The first piece is a Democratic organizer demonstrated a willingness to help individuals break federal law in order help his party win in 2020. The second is this dialogue shows how easily non-citizens can hijack our elections if they are determined to vote.  What makes this all especially glaring is Arizona may not only provide the deciding electoral votes to winner of the 2020 Presidential election, but also control of the Senate.

The Democratic Party has a long history of attempting and sometimes successfully stealing elections. They will undoubtedly attempt more shenanigans like this as the election draws closer.  Republicans must continue to expose Democratic corruption and do what they can to tighten state election laws.  If they fail at these tasks, Trump may lose as a result.