Modern America: The Desires of the Few Outweigh the Rights of the Many

Rural Rowan County, Kentucky is a surprising Ground Zero for LGBT activists and their mainstream media accomplices. While County Clerk Kim Davis cools her heels in jail for contempt of court, it’s time that we attach some hard facts to this case and illuminate to what lengths the Gay Reich will go to enforce their narrow agenda, trampling over the religious freedom of conscientious objectors. First, Rowan County, Kentucky is a sparsely populated area 65 miles East of Lexington, much of which is taken up by the Daniel Boone National Forest. Just how sparsely populated is this rural county? Occupying 286 square miles, it has 23,527 residents as of 2013. Given the size of the county, most residents are no more than 10 miles from a neighboring county line. With the preponderance of ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ counties, Kentuckians are accustomed to sneaking across county lines to get around the patch quilt of alcohol laws, so what’s preventing them from doing the same for marriage licenses? And just how many gay people are being denied their new right to marry each other, anyway? Well, the percentage of Americans who are gay is hotly disputed, but well-known statisticians peg the number somewhere between 1.8 and 4%. Using the higher 4% number, and not even subtracting out children under 18, and rounding up, let’s estimate that there are 1000 gay people living in Rowan County, some fraction of whom are in a sustained relationship. Now, are we to believe, judging from the national furor over Kim Davis’ refusal to issue marriage license to gay couples, that every single one of those gay couples is incapable of driving 10 or so miles across the county line to one of the seven neighboring counties that will issue them a marriage license? In the era of my youth, which was not so long ago, this would be a non-issue. Other issues are of far more broader concern.

For example, adjoining Fleming County happens to be a ‘dry’ county that prohibits all sales of alcohol, despite the fact that Prohibition was repealed more than 80 years ago. Why isn’t the national media expressing outrage about the unfortunate residents, gay and straight, who are unable to buy alcohol in their communities, instead of having to drive to one of several neighboring counties where alcohol is permissible, as they no doubt do? Isn’t that discrimination? Why does gay marriage remain an above-the-fold headline, outshouting other issues more worthy of national discussion? I’ll tell you why. What we are witnessing in Rowan County is a classic LGBT Leftist tactic: seeking out and attacking anybody who does not buy into their vision of an American gay utopia. The Gay Reich argues that Kim Davis is in jail for breaking the law, but what about the fact that that same law tramples her expression of personal religious freedom, which is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights? In their zeal to build their flawed vision of a perfect society, what other civil rights will be crushed in years to come by Leftist bulldozers? Freedom of speech, association, assembly? To be sure, freedom of speech is under attack on many fronts; say the wrong thing and you’re the target of attack. We can only hope that our society will come to its collective senses about this Leftist nonsense and ignore it away from whence it came. In a democratic society, the rights of the many should always prevail over the desires of the few.

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