You Don't Understand Cruz Because He's a Christian

There aren’t many politiciants I’d be willing to say I truly believe are Christians, Ted Cruz is one of them.  Those people, like Rush Limbaugh, who are criticizing Cruz and talking about how they don’t understand why he would commit political suicide (though I don’t think he did) don’t get it because they don’t get what it looks like when a Christian actually behaves like a Christian in public.  If you understand Christian behavior, which most often requires you to be Christian or at least really respect them, then you get what’s going on.

Cruz noted that what Donald Trump did in attacking his family was personal, and therefore he couldn’t endorse the man.  As a Christian this isn’t a shocking statement.  If you insulted my wife, my father, or anyone else’s wife or daughter, and did it to score political points, I wouldn’t support you either.  The fact that other Republicans are not calling Trump out on this makes me seriously question their faith.  If Trump is willing to say this about Cruz, who is safe from his petty vindictiveness?

Does Rick Perry think that Trump wouldn’t turn around and treat him this way?  Is he okay with Trump taking the public discourse to this area?  Is family no longer off limits to Republicans?  Or is it just that winning the White House is worth it, even if the man who wins has absolutely no moral compass at all?

To be fair to Governor Perry, this same accusation could be made against Rubio, Pence, Huckabee, Christy, Palin, et al.  I don’t mean to single him out, but only bring him up because I really think he is a man of faith.  Allow me to say that again, I’m not saying you automatically can’t be a Christian and endorse Trump, only that I can’t understand how you can have a deep faith and be okay with him, but I’m an extremist, so whatever.

I liked Cruz and defended Cruz, but I would do the same if it was Kasich or Bush currently in the spotlight for saying what Cruz said.  The fact is, this is the way a Christian behaves.


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Cruz didn’t say anything negative about Trump.  Cruz encouraged Americans to go out and vote their conscience.  Cruz laid out a view of human dignity that is inline with Christian theology.

This is what turning the other cheek looks like.  Cruz didn’t endorse Trump, but neither did he insult him.  He presented Donald Trump with the opportunity strike out at him again, or to mend the fence that he tore down.

Cruz was also consistent.  In talking with a friend who had the opportunity to hear Cruz speak at his church in South Carolina, he told me that Cruz said the same thing there.  He never said “vote for me” as he addressed the church.  He asked everyone to vote, and asked them all to vote their conscience.

When Cruz could have benefited from saying, “Come out vote for me” he chose to instead say, “Make sure you vote your conscience.”

If you’re bewildered by what Cruz did on Wednesday, and by his comments to the Texas delegation and why he can’t just get over it since this is just politics, then may I submit to you that you don’t understand how the serious Christian mind works?  Those who are dedicated to our faith and our God are dedicated to his values, and the absolute reality of right and wrong.  You don’t align yourself with that which is wrong, even if you plan on using it to fight another wrong.  As the old saying goes, two wrongs don’t make a right.

Cruz acted like a Christian, and that’s why the rest of the world doesn’t understand him.