Republicans Want to take your Second Amendment Rights

In case you thought it was just the Democrats, you were wrong.  Republicans are trying to take your Second Amendment rights away too.

So, after all the stupid Democrat attempts to take your rights away were shut down, now the Republicans are feeling the need to succeed.  By the way, this new attempt would have done nothing to stop the Orlando Shooting, because the shooter wasn’t on the watch lists in question.  Yet, for some reason, Republicans feel obligated to allow yet another bill to come to vote that undermines the Second Amendment.

Notice that Graham says that these are “war measures.”  The last time I looked, denying people their rights during war time wasn’t something we celebrated when we looked back in history.  Lincoln suspended habeus corpus, so should we give Obama, or another President, the power to do that (even though it was determined unconstitutional).  Since the Supreme Court ruled that Congress had the authority to suspend habeus corpus, does that mean that Congress should do so until we “resolve” this war on Islamic Terrorism.

Stupid ideas are stupid, no matter who suggests them or when they are suggested.  Suspending the rights of the citizens of the nation is a stupid idea.  Moreover, the government doesn’t actually have the right to remove your rights.  You’ll note that the historical understanding of rights is that they are natural to all men, being granted by God.  If rights come from God, then the government does not have the right to remove those rights, only God has that authority.