No, Trump Won't Do Anything About Islamic Terrorism

I’ve been called illogical for remaining #NeverTrump in the face of the Orlando shootings.  Allow me to explain the logic behind being #NeverTrump, and why Trump will actually do nothing to affect Islamic Terrorism in the United States.

Let’s review Trump’s proposals:  Shut down all Muslim immigration to America, and big a really big fancy wall that spans the entire border and that is 100% successful at stopping illegal immigrants from entering this country.  Next, acknowledge and admit that we’re dealing with Islamic terrorism.  Third step, magic.  Fourth step, problem solved.

Yeah, I’m being snarky, but let’s admit it, that’s what Trump is proposing.  The first two steps are fine, but they won’t stop Islamic Terrorism in America.  In fact, just the first two steps would literally have zero impact on any of the Islamic terrorists that have attacked in America so far.  That’s why I put the third step there, because to stop Islamic terrorism, Trump would have to reveal some magical ability that he has so far not revealed.

Why do I hold this position?  Because every single Islamic terrorist attack that has happened in America has been performed by either a citizen, or by someone who came here legally.  They might not have been legal at the exact moment of the crime, but they came to America legally, and they weren’t considered a high importance target to hunt down and deport before they committed their crimes.

Going back to 9/11 (yes, I’m aware there were attacks prior to that, but 15 years is a pretty good time frame to work with) we haven’t had any attacks in America that didn’t involve people who came to America legally.  That means that a giant wall with a 100% success ratio at keeping illegals out wouldn’t have helped at all.  And as to keeping out all Muslims, let’s take a minute and laugh at that.  People come to America all the time on visa applications that are incomplete or filled out incorrectly.  Do you really think that terrorists are going to tell you that they are Muslims coming for the purpose of attacking Americans?  Once you ban Muslims, they will simply claim to not be Muslims.  They will change where their passports come from, alter otherwise identifying information, and similarly do things to circumvent the law.

The nature of criminals (and terrorists are, in fact, criminals) is to break the law.  If you’re coming to America to kill people, you probably don’t have many qualms about lying on a passport.

So Trump’s ideas would be useless at stopping Islamic Terrorism.  It isn’t that he doesn’t want to stop these kinds of events from happening, but that he, and any other politician, is incapable of stopping these events.  At least at the Federal level.

Just as a quick thought experiment.  Let’s consider Israel.  You know how many terrorist attacks Israel has had just this year?  At least 34.  And those are just the ones that Wikipedia has recorded.  Other sites record far more terrorist attacks, but I thought I’d go with a lower number.

Think about that, the country that has, arguably, the longest history and the most experience in dealing with terrorist attacks has still had to deal with at least 34 recordable terrorist attacks from January 1 to June 12 of just this year.  Do you really think that Israel doesn’t know how to prevent terrorist attacks?  Do you think Israel is afraid of admitting the problem is with Islamic Jihad?  Do you think Israel is as incompetent at dealing with the very real existential threats they have facing them as our Democrat party is in the United States?

What’s the solution?  The solution is the very thing that Democrats are attacking:  The Second Amendment.  If we get rid of these stupid “gun free zones” and then we each take responsibility to be armed and prepared to help defend our fellow citizens (not just from terrorists) then we can minimize the number of lives that will be lost to terrorism.  You’ll never stop it though.  You can’t stop every homemade bomb and prevent all radicalization.  But, you can minimize the opportunity for yourself and those around you to be a victim.

Donald Trump will do nothing to stop Islamic terrorism in the United States, not because he doesn’t want to, but because he can’t.  But you can, and your local government and your state government can start rescinding the laws that create giant pools of victims waiting for a terrorist attack.