Dump Trump: Using his own Rationale

Trump has been running his campaign on how great a business man he is.  His concept has been that the U.S. is like a giant business, and we need a successful CEO who can run it right.  While this is a horribly wrong view of government, let’s go with it for just a minute.

How many times has Trump been removed from the board of directors, or how had his authority cut due to bad business decisions?  He was fired from Trump Place Condominiums, Trump Entertainment Resorts, lost half of his stake in Trump’s Taj Mahal, lost 49% of his stake in Trump Plaza Hotel, and lost majority control of Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts.  So, the great CEO has actually lost authority in his businesses on multiple occasions.  Could the same thing happen again?

Normally a CEO is removed once he becomes detrimental to the company, or once there is an established perception of such.  The idea is that the stock holders must be protected, and if the face of a perceived or real existential threat, the board of directors is bound to do what is necessary to protect the company.  There is both a moral and a legal obligation to act in this way.

The evidence is plentiful that Trump is harmful to the Republican party.  The lack of unity is beyond dispute as even Ryan is currently not willing to fall in line.  At the same time a very strong #neverTrump movement threatens to cause further division within the party.  With both establishment Republicans and grass roots conservatives united in opposition to Trump, and with the threat of a Hillary candidacy, the Republican party faces a potential disaster in the upcoming November elections.  A final nail in the coffin is the fact that Trump loses to Hillary in nearly every single poll, and causes even normally strong Republican states to become toss ups.

With all of this being said, using Trump’s own rhetoric and analogies, why shouldn’t we view the delegates as board of directors?  If these people are the board of directors, and the voters are the stock holders, then why can’t the board of directors make a determination to vote “no confidence” in the man who is running to be the CEO of the party?

Hannity, and other idiots, have been going on about “democracy” as though that is a somehow more noble concept than republicansim.  Well, Trump himself is the one who has made his business experience the cornerstone of his candidacy.  Let’s use that to remind his voters that they aren’t the only stock holders in the Republican party.  While the plurality of stock holders may like Trump, the board of directors is not honor bound to accept that choice.  The board of directors is honor bound to act in a morally responsible way, bringing forth a CEO who is the best option for all stock holders.

I know it’s a pipe dream, but with the increasingly delusional and psychotic behavior Trump is engaging in, there is no reason the delegates at the Republican National Convention should feel honor bound to promote Trump as a candidate.  Delegates need to act according to their conscience and their moral compass.  End the candidacy of Trump and make clear that only sane and rational people need apply for the position of CEO.  The voters who have told us we must unite to fight against Hillary can then unite around a real Republican candidate in order to fight against Hillary.

After all, if we’re told that anything is better than Hillary, let’s at least get something better than Donald Trump.

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