A Question to Trump Supporters

One of the biggest arguments for “support Trump” has been to say that not supporting him is tantamount to supporting Hillary in the election.  I’ve already written on why that is bunk.  With that said, I want to posit an honest question for those who say we should support Trump to stop Hillary: Is there anything that Trump could say or do that would make you refuse to support him over Hillary?

I’m not asking you to support Hillary.  I think Hillary is a horrible candidate.  What I’m asking you is to tell me what Donald Trump could do that would make it so that you would no longer support him.

This is a basic question that is asked in Apologetics when you’re trying to determine whether you’re dealing with a rationally thinking person or not.  Usually the question is asked, “What evidence could I present that would convince you of the truth of Scripture?”  Alternatively, the question is asked (of the Christian), “What could convince you that Christianity is not true?”  If you cannot give an answer to this question, it demonstrates that you are not holding to your position for rational reasons.  That doesn’t mean your position is wrong, just that you aren’t holding to it because it is rational.

Many Conservatives have already answered this question.  We have determined that Trump has already crossed the line where we cannot rationally support him.  Different people came to this decision for different reasons.  For some, the reasons we are #neverTrump is ideological.  For some it is more complex.  For others the issues are mixed together, having both ideological and character aspects.

The question is, what would it take for you to join us?  Many Trump supporters are asking #neverTrump to come around for party unity, but the question is, what would it take for you to join us and unify against him?  If the answer is that nothing could be worse than Hillary, that (like Ann Coulter said) Trump could perform abortions in the Oval Office and you’d still vote for him, then let me posit that you are not a rational voter.  If Trump could do anything and not lose your vote, then he will do exactly that.

The only way to hold Trump to actually building a wall (though I don’t think that’s necessarily a good idea), or lowering taxes, or repealing Obamacare, or any of the other promises he made so far is to make it clear to him that his support is dependent on something other than “he isn’t Hillary.”  So far, Trump supporters haven’t been good at actually holding Trump to anything.  Why should those of us who want Trump to actually be better than Hillary be willing to support him if we don’t have a guarantee he will be better than Hillary?

So, honest question to Trump supporters: Are you rational in your support of Trump?  Is there anything he could do to make you not vote for him?  I have a strong suspicion that the answer is “No” or that even when Trump does cross “the bottom line” his supporters will still flock to him.