If You Support Trump, You are Trash

I posted earlier that Donald Trump suffers from dementia.  I want to take just a moment to let you know, that as of today, if you support Trump, or if you are not actively calling him out for the fact that he attacked the father of Ted Cruz by saying he was an associate of Lee Harvey Oswald, then you are trash.  This kind of behavior is the most gutter dwelling, scum sucking, trash licking, feces eating kind of behavior a human can engage in.  The only thing Trump hasn’t done, yet, is making sexual jokes about Cruz’d daughters.  I assume that will be coming in the next few weeks, since Trump is obviously comfortable making those kinds of comments about his own daughter.

Trump is trash.  He is scum.  If you support him, you are trash.  If you claim to be a Conservative and don’t call him out for this crap, then you are not a Conservative.