Donald Trump Suffers from Dementia

Today, Donald Trump claimed that Rafael Cruz, Ted Cruz’s father, was somehow involved with Lee Harvey Oswald just prior to the assassination of JFK.  The rag that Trump got his information from is the National Enquirer.  This is the same rag that used to routinely run stories of the “bat-boy” and that previously claimed, with no evidence at all, that Cruz had multiple affairs.  Long story short:  This is complete and total crap, straight from the bull’s backside.

Others on this site have noted that the easiest way to make sense of Donald Trump’s many contradictory statements, and his generally incomprehensible speeches, is to understand that Trump suffers from dementia.  I decided to take that concept and put it as the title of this diary because this is the way Trump talks about his competitors.  It doesn’t matter if the claim is true.  It doesn’t matter if there is any evidence.  The only thing that matters is that me makes an outrageous claim, and the media reports it, chuckling all the while because they know it’s all false and they are just carrying his water.

If we, on the right, used the same tactics as the Left, we could easily destroy Donald Trump.  We’ve been trying to use reason, logic, and argumentation to get through to Trump’s supporters.  It isn’t working because they aren’t thinking people.  They are feeling people.  And we are not appealing to their feelings by making rational arguments.

Trump doesn’t use reason, he uses feeling.  He seems strong, he seems bold, he gives the impression of being decisive.  It doesn’t matter that the decisions are bad or that his strength is all bluster.  All that matters is that people feel stronger by associating with him.  This is the power of celebrity.

If we flooded the air waves with constant barrages against Trump, talking about his hair, his manhood, his false teeth, his age, accusing him of suffering dementia, acting like the rape story was true and calling him, “Donald the Rapist” and other such monikers, then that might actually take him down.  We can win against Donald Trump, even at this late stage.  All we have to do is completely abandon our principles and lower ourselves to his level.

I’m not writing this to say we must give up our hope, but instead to get us to think clearly about what the real problem is.  Thinking, I mean really thinking, about life is difficult.  I’m a Christian.  I have a M.Div.  I can read Greek and Hebrew.  Given a dictionary and enough time I can eventually make my way through theological German, and I know a few fun Latin phrases.  Despite all of my education, I still have to challenge myself to actually think about what is going on instead of just reacting to it.

If we are going to win in this election, or in four years, eight years, or ever, it will be because we understand what we are up against, and we learn how to fight it.  We need to be able to tell the truth in a pithy way.  In evangelism one of the sayings used is that we must be winsome, to win some.  This is what we need in political discourse.

If we believe in the Conservative message, then we need to learn how to distill it down to the basic truths of it, and we need to present it in a winsome, engaging manner.  And we need to be willing to mock those who should know better and who don’t.  We need to make anti-intellectualism as repugnant to the intellectually lazy as it is to those of us who spend hours reading and researching subjects to have an educated opinion.  We need to become the “go to” source of knowledge in our little circles, and we need to be unapologetic in our political apologetic.

Does Donald Trump really suffer from Dementia?  I don’t know.  But, I’d be willing to tell someone, “You believe Donald Trump?  It’s apparent the man is suffering from dementia!  Why would you take advice from someone who can’t even remember what he said in the morning?  Why would you believe someone who actually thinks that tabloid trash in the supermarket check out aisle is all true?  Do you believe him that the bat-boy has been caught on camera at last?  Come on!  You’re really that stupid?”  For most, it’s too late, but perhaps we can save one or two, and then we can start rebuilding from there.