Why #neverTrump

There are those who are already saying that much of the #neverTrump movement will dissolve come November.  They are wrong.  Here are the reasons #neverTrump will last, and why Trump is losing 30%+ of the Republican party.

First, it should be noted that we are not Republicans first.  We are Republicans because of what the Republican party stands for, and because it gives us a body to exercise our political will.  In such a case where the party should no longer hold our values, then we no longer have a reason to be Republicans.  Those of us who have taken the #neverTrump stand are doing so because we see in Trump just such a betrayal.  Trump does not represent our views and our values, therefore we cannot support him.

Several diaries today, and in the past, here at RedState have mentioned one common refrain: A vote is earned, not obligated.  I am not obliged to vote for any politician.  If Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, or Vlad the Impaler wants my vote, then let them compete for it.  If Trump is the nominee (and I don’t think he will be) then it is up to him to give me a reason to unite behind him.  There is a #neverTrump movement because Trump has so alienated Conservatives that we look to him and find a man who cannot be supported.

So, why, specifically, am I #neverTrump?  Here’s a short list of reasons:

1) Life matters.  Donald Trump is not pro-life.  I don’t care how you slice it, the fact is that he cannot articulate a pro-life position.  He says he is pro-life and against abortion, but all his rhetoric past those specific words indicates quite the opposite.  Trump has said that he would support Planned Parenthood because they do so many great things for women.  He has said he would punish women who have abortions (assuming it was illegal).  He has said that the Republican party should change its stance on abortion and allow for it in cases of incest, rape, and the life of the mother.  The last time I looked, we don’t shoot people because their fathers committed murder, and there is no instance of abortion that is done due to the life of the woman being in jeopardy.  (Tubal, or ectopic, pregnancies are not treated with an abortion.  Rather the destruction of the fetus is an unfortunate side affect of the treatment to save the mother.  I don’t say the death of the fetus only due to the fact that in the case of an untreated tubal pregnancy, neither the mother nor the child will survive.  So, yes, I’m aware these happen, and no, I don’t consider this abortion.  If you do, then you can argue about it later, semantics doesn’t interest me.)

2) The SCotUS is a big deal.  There is no telling who Donald Trump will nominate to the Supreme Court.  Yes, I know that Hillary will appoint a far left lunatic.  The problem is that I’m convinced that Trump will too.  Trump will select a far left lunatic because he surrounds himself with morons and cowards, and a far left wing judge is the kind of person we’ll get from those people.  Further, in the very few candid times Trump has spoken of the kind of judge he respects, he cited his sister as the example.  His sister is a far left loon.  That’s what we’ll get from Trump.

3) It’s the economy.  Trump’s biggest supporters like to say that he was a great business man.  They are wrong.  Trump is horrible business man.  As has already been reported by others, Trump would have been worth more if he just put his money in the stock market.  He started with hundreds of millions of dollars, and turned it into $4 billion.  In that same time frame, other billionaires have stomped on Trump in their ability to make wealth.  What that tells me is that Trump is as incompetent of a business man as he is in everything else.  He just had enough money to start with that he literally couldn’t have turned it into a total disaster even with his incompetence.

If Trump couldn’t beat the market with his own money, what makes anyone think he has enough business acumen to actually turn the economy of the nation around?  Just look at the few proposals he has really built his campaign on: He’s going to levy high tariffs and fight for “fair trade”.  Tariffs will destroy our already depressed economy.  There’s no arguing that point.  A trade war is the last thing we need right now.  And whatever “fair trade” means seems to ultimately mean that we’re going to fight for higher taxes here in the United States because foreign nations are dumb enough to hurt their own economies by restricting our goods coming into their markets.  Your mom probably already asked you this but, “If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?”

4) National defense is not a game.  Trump hasn’t got a clue about what’s going on the world, what our current political situation is like anywhere outside of our nation, or who our allies or enemies are.  Arguably Hillary is at least equal to Trump here, if not a little better.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s a complete walking disaster and would likely continue to cause problems internationally, but Trump might actually start a nuclear war.  Even if he didn’t start a nuclear war, he would still probably cause major lasting damage with other allies by trying to bully them and insult them to their faces.  For all the damage that Hillary might do, she is politically closer to most of Europe and other Leftists that she wouldn’t completely alienate them.  Yes, we lose either way, but I currently think Trump is a bigger loss.

5) We will live to fight again.  Hillary as President would be horrible.  We would have a continuation of the same problems and policies we have under Obama.  There is no escaping the fact that she would appoint left-wing thieves and liars to every position she could.  However, she is hated by the electorate and would remain hated for the entirety of her presidency.  In four years we would have a very strong chance at clipping her wings and getting a Republican in the White House.  If we had Trump, then we would have to run an insurgency campaign in our own party, and then run a presidential candidate against what Trump did in the general election.  Do you really think that’s going to happen?

Ultimately, I’m #neverTrump because of my principles.  I’m also #neverTrump because of my pragmatism.  Trump would lose to Hillary, and if he won he would be the biggest disaster for the Republican party.  I can’t think of a time when we had a worse candidate running, but admittedly, my historical studies focused more on Medieval Europe and America pre-Civil War.

I’ve written previously why I’m with Cruz, but this time I want to make clear: #neverTrump is not going away.  We aren’t going to vote for Trump.  He is the worst candidate choice possible based on our values and based on the pragmatism of wanting to get a Conservative elected.