The Blues over "Blue Man"

I’ve never been to a Blue Man show.  I got to see a couple of T.V. shows with them.  I really liked what I saw.  Unfortunately, now, they have decided to alienate me and, I would assume, many others like me.

According to AP News, as reported at Townhall.com

The Blue Man Group is the latest musical act to cancel shows in North Carolina after the state’s passage of a law limiting anti-discrimination protections for the LGBT community.

The group was scheduled to perform June 17 through June 19 in Charlotte but issued a statement Friday that it was canceling the shows.

If you read the link, they made it clear this was about the so called “bathroom bill” in NC.

There isn’t much more to say.  Blue Man has made a decision about where they stand, and I’ve made a decision about where I stand.  Those who try to use their economic might to force this issue can only be dealt with by corresponding economic punishment.  Therefore, I won’t be attending any Blue Man shows.

I’m actually a bit bummed by this.  This was one show I had hoped to take my wife to go see at some point.  Some things are bigger than entertainment though.  Really, most things are bigger than entertainment, which should be pretty far down on your list of what’s important.  C’est la vis.

I’ve already sent them a letter letting them know I intend to never watch one of their performances in the future, either on T.V. or in person.  On T.V., because I don’t want to give them the ratings.  In person because I don’t want to give them my cash.  If you think as I do, and if it is something that matters to you, then make sure you drop them a line.

I never bothered about Springsteen or other similar acts, because I never had any intention of going to those.  This one though, I actually wanted to see.