Sean Hannity is an Idiot

Sean Hannity has been demagoguing the Colorado GOP process, and the idea of unbound delegates for a while now.  His schtick is that voters are being disenfranchised in both instances, and that this is manifestly immoral and unfair.  Just today on his show he argued with a caller who did a very respectable job of trying to get Hannity to understand that he is wrong about this issue.  Simply put, either Hannity knows what he is saying is false, or he is literally too stupid to understand otherwise.  In either case, he should be persona non grata amongst Conservatives for a long time after this primary race.

It isn’t enough for Hannity that he has served as an official media fluffer for Trump.  It isn’t enough that he has had him on his show without questioning or pushing back on any of his blatantly stupid comments.  It isn’t enough that he has defended Trump and his campaign for acting like monkeys by figuratively flinging poop at everyone who utters even the most basic of arguments against Trump.  He will do whatever it takes to carry Trump’s water, including destroying the Republican party if Trump doesn’t get his coronation as prom queen.


This is the biggest argument that Hannity uses.  He claims that the people of Colorado were disenfranchised and didn’t have a chance to elect their delegates.  This is simply false.  Any member of the GOP who met the residency and membership requirements could have voted at the precinct level for the representatives, who would ultimately represent them in voting for the delegates that would represent the GOP at the convention.  If Trump had 50%+ of the vote at a given precinct, then that precinct could have sent Trump favorable representatives, who could the vote for Trump favorable representatives, who would then vote for Trump favorable delegates.

Are the individuals a couple of steps removed from the actual voting for the delegates?  Yes, they are.  But that’s the way a representative system works.  You and I don’t get to vote for our President directly.  We don’t get to vote directly on congressional legislation.  We vote for representatives, who then ultimately cast votes that results in the decisions made.  This is how a representative Republic works, and we are the Republican party.

No one has been disenfranchised in the way the Republican party has handled the process of nominating a delegate.  In fact, even more people have been allowed to vote than are members of the Republican party.  If there are any complaints to be made about the nomination process so far, it is that there are states with open primaries, which means that non-Republicans are voting for the Republican nominee.  But Trump wasn’t complaining about those states, since he was winning then.


Really, I could have simply continued this discussion from the above point.  Hannity also claims that if delegates break away from the person they are initially bound to, that this would be disenfranchisement.  His point is that if the delegates have been assigned by the states, they should state loyal to that candidate, no matter what.  Recently he seems to have modified that position, seeming to be holding more to an “at least initially” position, saying they should all be bound for the first ballot, at least.

Again, this is sheer stupidity.  The idea of nominating delegates is that you are choosing someone who holds to what the party, as a whole, wants.  If a large number of people are willing to vote in a primary, but aren’t willing to be politically engaged beyond that, then those people do not really represent the party.  I know this is going to sound awfully elitist and “establishment” but it is really common sense.  Parties have specific platforms and ideas that they want to push forward.  Anyone can join the party, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who joins the party actually represents the ideas and positions of the party.  Those who get politically engaged and actually understand the platform, and push their ideas in the party, are the ones who actually represent what the party is about.

Again, this is like our general elections in America.  There are those who show up during election years because they are expected to vote.  They vote for a certain party because that’s what they’ve always done, or that’s what they think is expected of them, or because their friends and family tell them that’s the party they should support.  At the end of the day, they don’t really represent that party, nor are they getting any representation from that party.  They are engaged in the bare minimum of civic activities, and ultimately, the results of the election are exactly what they deserve.  If they voted a criminal or a moral malfeasant (it is too a word, look it up!) into office, then that’s the result of them not being more engaged.

If those who voted for a candidate did not bother to also show up to elect delegates, then they got exactly what they voted for: delegates who are bound for their candidate for exactly the number of ballots they are required to be bound for.  Further, they have demonstrated that they don’t really care about their candidate sufficiently to actually want that candidate to win.  They wanted to cast a vote for their candidate, but they didn’t want to get engaged any further, and this is the result.  As Conservatives we used to say that people were responsible for their own decisions, apparently Sean Hannity wants to cast that idea aside because “fairness”.

Hannity’s beating on this drum is an attempt to create the narrative of the very idea he claims is going to happen ipso facto if delegates break away from Trump.  He is trying to create the narrative that Trump’s voters were robbed, and that they have a right to be angry about the results of the convention.  The fact is no one is robbing them, the system is working just as it always has, it’s just that Trump was too stupid and lazy to actually a ground game together.  Further, any hardcore Trump supporter who feels he has the right to be angry about things needs to quit being a tool of morons like Hannity.

No one (no one serious anyway) is complaining that voters would be disenfranchised if Trump won the nomination, yet more voters have voted against him than have voted for him.  No one (other than Leftists) is claiming that voters are disenfranchised by the way the Electoral College works.  At the convention, if Trump doesn’t have the majority of 1237 delegates, then it is only reasonable that either delegates from other candidates will have to move to him, or his will have to move to them.  That’s the way things have always worked in the Republican party, and it isn’t a bad thing.

Hannity is an idiot not because he doesn’t know all of this, but because he is willing to serve the would be small-handed-dictator Donald Trump.  Hannity is an idiot because he is actively trying to set up a narrative to divide the Republican party in case Trump loses.  Hannity is an idiot because he would rather have a Leftist elected, like Trump or Hillary, than the only Conservative running, Ted Cruz.