Cruz or Lose

The traditional song sung around New Year most of my life has been Auld Lang Syne.  If you’ve never actually paid attention to the lyrics, this is how they go (just the first verse):

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?/ Should auld acquaintance be forgot and days of auld lang syne?

For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne./  We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet, for auld lang syne.

The meaning of the song is that we should not forget our old relationships.  We should, for the sake of the old relationships, and the time we’ve had together, continue to share good will and wish one another well.  At the same time, the point is to forget the enmities of the past.  We set aside the troubles of the past, and because we have deeper roots than whatever anger has befallen us over the last year, we salute one another and drink to one another’s health.

There have been a spate of diaries on RedState arguing about who is to fault for the rise of our current problems.  There have been a bunch of responses saying those diaries are wrong.  There has also been one front page diary that noted that regardless of everything else, we need to set aside our differences and coalesce around the only remaining candidate that can actually save our party, and that candidate is Ted Cruz.

So yes, we are at a point where it’s either Cruz or lose.  I don’t care if you think Cruz is to blame, and I don’t care if you think that Cruz is the best thing since sliced bread, none of that is the point.  If you support Cruz and he was your first love, then great, wonderful, yahoo for you!  Don’t blame other candidates for what they did prior to today, and don’t complain about how they choose to run their lives from today on.  As long as they aren’t actively supporting Trump, such as Carson and Christie, then they are off limits for criticism.

Why should other candidates be off limits?  Because right now they can’t stop Trump.  They can’t help him unless they run with him.  The damage from any attacks is already done, there’s no point in complaining about them now.  Insulting them for what they said a week ago or two months ago, whenever they were in the race, doesn’t change where we are today.

Right now, our focus, everyone’s focus, should be on selling Cruz as the only alternative to Trump.  It isn’t enough to say that Trump is unacceptable, we need to show people why our vision of America is better.  It doesn’t matter how we came to the point of only having these two candidates.  We can talk about that for the next four years, once we survive the dumbing down of our party.

So, let the resentment go, and remember, the conservative view that we’re trying to bring to America is what binds us together.  Old resentments over what Cruz said about your candidate, or what another candidate did or didn’t do won’t move us forward.  Blaming Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Paul, or anyone else, won’t change the past.  It’s like I told my wife, if I need to take my daughter to the ER and the car is in the shop, it doesn’t matter who did what or how the car came to be in the shop, what matters if finding a way to get my daughter to the ER.

So, why Cruz?

Let’s lay out the arguments we can all agree on:

He supports and believes in the Constitution.  No one can argue that Cruz will take the Constitution lightly.  This is the first and most important reason we should support him.  Conservatives have long held that the problem in our government is, at least in large part, due to the Constitution being treated as a suggestion instead of the law of the land.  We can all agree that Cruz believes in the authority of the Constitution.

Cruz understands that we are a nation governed by laws.  This is equally important, because it speaks to the current problems in our country.  Why is Hillary even a possibility in this election?  Because she, and those of her political stripe do not believe that laws should govern them.  Laws are for the little people; tools the government uses when they need to have a way to force the little people to get in line.  This is not how Cruz views the law.  He understands and articulates that all people should obey the law.

This position of Cruz addresses our current immigration problems.  We don’t hate people who want to improve their lives.  We, as conservatives, care deeply about the suffering of our fellow man.  But, we are a nation of laws, and those laws need to be respected.  Until, and unless, the law is applied, fairly and universally, then nothing else matters.  You can build the wall of walls, complete with electric fences and land mines, but as long as there is the hope that breaking the law will pay off, people will still break the law and come here illegally.  The only way to fix the problem is to enforce the law, then everything else begins to fall into place.

Cruz actually cares about our standing in the world.  He gets the fact that America is a force for good.  That doesn’t mean that we need to get into every conflict everywhere, but it does mean that when we act, we do so with moral authority.  Yes, we act with strength, overwhelming power, but also with the firm conviction that our actions are on the side of good, not just on the side of the dollar.

Cruz cares about individual liberty.  We don’t persecute homosexuals, bisexuals, transexuals, or any other groups.  We don’t accept racism, xenophobia, or religious persecution.  The only way all of this can be true at the same time is if people are given the greatest amount of freedom in their own lives possible.  Allowing each person to live according their conscience means that we, as neighborhoods and communities, can learn the best way to live with one another.  That doesn’t mean there won’t be problems, but it does mean that those problems can be resolved by civilized people working together, not by the might of government crushing all people into one uniform mold.

Cruz will work to appoint conservatives to the courts.  This means that the personal liberty we care about, and the rule of law that has long defined this nation, will be upheld.  In this, the greatness of the American experiment can continue on for another generation.

Cruz will work to make a smaller government.  Again, the way our government if set up, the President cannot arbitrarily set the budget or immediately kill Leviathan.  However, having someone like Cruz means that we have the greatest chance possible to actually start shrinking the beast.  We don’t want anarchy, but we do want a small enough government where I care more about what’s going on in the capital of my state than I do with what’s going on in Washington D.C.

Cruz gets what’s holding our economy down.  Believe it or not, our free trade deals aren’t what’s hurting our economy.  Stupid EPA regulations that cause rising energy costs and hurt small businesses, that’s what’s hurting our economy.  Big government rules that prevent entrepreneurial pursuits and punish success (e.g. our tax code), these are things that are hurting our economy.  The rising costs of actually running a business, due to government regulation on every front, along with decisions that squelch creativity (unless it’s creativity on how to get around the rules), holds our economy down.  You could raise tariffs and renegotiate every trade deal we have, and you know what?  It wouldn’t do anything long term, because that isn’t the main problem.  Cruz gets that, we need to sell it.

Cruz cares about future American success.  Cruz has stood up for school choice and homeschooling.  The future of American greatness lies in educating our children now.  Ignoring the problems that the top down approach of educational policy has created will lead to the continued decline of America.  If you want success, then help students succeed, not by spending money, but by allowing communities to decide the best way to educate their children.

These are broad and simplified statements.  They don’t cover every position of Cruz.  This diary would have to be a complete copy of Cruz’s website to do that.  But that isn’t the goal or the point.  The point is that we have deep roots in the conservative movement.  It is time, for the sake of our long past, for the hope of a better future, that we set aside the petty quibbling over who said what or whose to blame for where we are in this election cycle.  At the end of the day, we stand united against the Left, and the only way we will be successful is if we stand united for Cruz.

You may not think he is the best choice of all those who ran, but he’s the only choice standing.  I’ll drink a cup of health to my fellow conservatives, and I’ll hope that our past, our auld lang syne, is enough to draw us to unity today, so that we might have a tomorrow.