No, We Don't Need Trump Supporters

In multiple comments sections on this website, I’ve defended the average Trump supporter.  I did this because I honestly believed that there is simply no way the support that Trump has is largely based on racism, misogyny, and xenophobia in general.  I’ve finally decided that I’m wrong.  There is no explanation for anyone who would support Trump except that they are willing to embrace a candidate who espouses hate, and those are not the kind of people we need in our party.

Originally I couldn’t understand how 35%+ of the party, the amount of popular support Trump has actually received, could be this insane.  I still can’t understand it, but at least now I can accept it.

Last night, as noted here, Trump implied that Mitt Romney isn’t a Mormon, and also that Ted Cruz isn’t a natural born citizen.  Anyone who supports a candidate who would hold to either of those positions should shamed into renouncing that candidate publicly.  There is no civil discourse with someone who questions another man’s very public faith, or who subscribes to conspiracy theories to attack his opponents.

I’m not a Mormon, and I honestly don’t think much of the Mormon religion.  I don’t mean that as an attack, I mean it as an honest observation.  Regardless though, Mitt Romney, for years, has publicly identified himself as a Mormon, and has never been cast out of the Mormon church.  To question his faith is an insult to everyone who lives according to their faith.  The reason for this is simple: If Trump is willing to call Romney’s faith into question, then he is willing to call anyone’s faith into question, merely as a cheap way to win political points.

I have no need to address the Cruz birther nonsense.  That point has been beaten to death by others.  I will only observe that it is blatant pandering to racism, nationalist nut jobs, and conspiracy theorists.

Imagine, for a moment, a Republican candidate on stage talking about President Obama.  This person brings up Michelle Obama and says, “Is she really a woman?  I mean, come on!”  Would we really tolerate this?  Would we allow that this is the kind of discourse that will actually resolve anything in our nation?  I don’t care if you have, privately, made jokes about the Obama’s, it is beyond the pale to publicly, and seriously, make such a statement.

We don’t need people in the party who would willingly support any candidate who is willing to use this kind of language about his opponents.  We don’t need people who rally for Trump and embrace his rhetoric.