The White House Wants to Control Your Internet, And They Want Your Suggestion on How to Do So

When Al Gore invented the internet I’m guessing he never imagined the length at which the president of the United States, and the Democrats would go in order to obtain complete control over what you see, hear,purchase, and read online. The first attempt by the FCC to regulate the internet was done in the name of fairness and quote, “internet principles” whatever that sh*t means. An appeals court judge however shot that net neutrality argument down and instead ruled in favor of Comcast. Of course Democrats vowed to keep fighting like they do whenever a judge rules in favor of liberty and the constitution. You notice now the media is doing thy bidding by going after the Louisiana judge who rejected the Obama administration’s moratorium on oil drilling and the appeal that followed.

The question is will the Supreme Court stand up to this White House, this party, and this now increasingly dictatorial, or at least dictator-like president. I know its taboo to call Barack Obama a Marxist or a socialist, but have you ever seen anything like this? For all the hell Bush caught for the Patriot Act, and rightfully so, this is worse because there’s no valid reason as to why the White House should regulate the internet. They claim it’s to help combat identity fraud and to ensure safer online transactions, but that’s what Life Lock and other identity protection software are for. If people can’t afford Life Lock then they can download a 30 day trial of Norton or any other anti-virus protection software for free. Those programs also come equipped with identity protection capability. There’s no excuse for this, none what so ever.

We must ask ourselves: Why would the so called “internet and social media” president who raised millions in small donations online and garnered millions of supporters on Facebook want to control the world wide web? It’s simple, he wants to control us. It sounds all conspiracy theory like but hey, people who share the same world view and ideology as Obama find absolution in terms of government control essential to their quote, “plan to reshape America”. The man wants to consolidate power in a way that would cause the great Thomas Jefferson to do triple sow-cows in this grave. Jefferson spoke about this push by the elite to gather as much influence and power within Washington in order to push their favored programs and agenda items through without objection.

But the worst part in all of this is the fact that the White House set up a website so people can give their ideas and suggestions on how to go about this takeover. They want our input on how they can control our internet. Talk about being killed with your own gun.