All About "O"

President Obama taps David Petraeus as the new head guy in Afghanistan and the left suddenly likes the idea of war. Well, when it comes to Obama anything goes so long as it helps him, saves him. Chuck Todd on the Daily Runs spoke with Chris Matthews and they were saying this saved the president and this move was widely praised in Washington. Well, that’s all well and good but the American people outside the walls of the beltway still hold unfavorable views of this ten year long war. It’s not that we dislike General Petraeus, on the contrary, most Americans have a favorable view of the man and rightfully so.

But it doesn’t matter if he’s in or not. I said this yesterday, it doesn’t matter who your coach is, you can go out and hire Bill Parcels or Ken Wisenhunt, as long as the GM, which in this case is Obama isn’t willing to draft Sam Bradford then no amount of coaching will help. The game plan has to be one that is concrete, coherent, and the man at the top has to be on board with a positive winning strategy. And, for a man who can’t breathe without blaming George Bush this move reeks of Bush. Remember, Petraeus was the man who saved Iraq from the abyss, and in my opinion he’ll be placed among the top military leaders in American history, but not for Afghanistan, but Iraq.

And the left loves him now. Remember “General Betray Us”, those lefty hacks at MoveOn.org wrote that hit piece and the Democrats at the time weren’t exactly jumping over their chairs to condemn those nut jobs. George Bush was president and they all opposed the Iraq war so that was the difference. Although, the same Democrats who were dragging their feet when it came to funding the war and supplying our troops with basic materials like body armor are the same ones dragging their feet and getting into confrontations with the Pentagon. Talk to David Obey about the Democrats willingness to fund troops in Afghanistan. I said willingness but I’m being sarcastic of course.

This move had to be done or Obama would look small and petulant. He couldn’t fire a guy widely supported by the Afghan people and our soldiers in McChrystal, and then replace him with you know, uh I don’t know General Booger Picker or something, someone with less credibility. He had to tap Petraeus in order to save his own butt, which is pretty sad. It’s sad because Obama doesn’t really have faith in Petraeus, he chose him as Chuck Todd just stated on the Daily Runs, to keep Republicans at bay if Obama had made a bod choice to replace McChrystal. See where this is going?

And the same crowd on MSNBC were running around like chickens with their heads cut off when a new poll came out before and after this pick by Obama. The poll said 44% of Americans believe president Obama, a significant drop from his comfortable 63% rating in the first months of his presidency. Chris Matthews was so panicked you would have thought the man was having an attack or something. It was amusing to see he and Chuck Todd rationalize the across the board drop in Obama approval ratings.

It’s always been about how the events of the world and in our country effective, not the country or the world but Obama. I echo the great Lloyd Marcus because he was out front on this issue long before me. But it’s so remarkably bizarre how the media seems to wrap everything around Barack Obama. He passed health care, never mind the fact that a majority of Americans, not a small one, a very large share of the country opposed it until the final stroke of the clock in the dead of night when it was passed. The media called it a win for Obama, never raising questions about how it was passed, why, and whether or not the country wanted it in the first place, which they didn’t, and still don’t. And now this move is about his legacy, his ratings, how he looks to the country at large. Those jar heads, those fire pissers dodging bullets and sleeping with one eye open out there in the desert, they don’t matter, it’s all about “O”.