Now Play Commander in Chief

Lights, get into character, make sure you know your lines, and wait for it, camera, and action! Now play commander in chief Mr. President. Tell us the reason you relieved General McChrystal of his duties, and then tell us why you really gave him the old Military one finger salute. I know why he did it, you know why he did it, but apparently president Obama doesn’t think we know why he ousted McChrystal. Here’s a little trick I picked up when I used to lie constantly to my parents: If you tell someone the reason you did something wasn’t for the reason they thought, well, that’s exactly why you did what you did.

Let’s be real here: You talk trash about Obama knowing the man has thin skin, you’re asking for a spot in the unemployment line. McChrystal got bi-partisan condemnation and that saddened me because I felt the man called a spade a spade. People were saying “well he broke the chain of command”, “he broke years of tradition” Well, let me ask you a question: If your boss wants you to sell a product say, green socks when everyone clearly likes to wear blue socks, and clearly green socks don’t sell, would you just blindly go about selling those socks and risk the demise of hundreds of jobs and the company itself, or would you question your boss’ business model and vision? Yeah, maybe the general was a bit too candid with those set up men at Rolling Stone, but obviously he was bothered by the lack of direction and the over abundance of ineptitude in the White House when it comes to the war.

You have Joe Biden talking about let’s just focus on the Taliban with predator drones, as if the Taliban were walking around in broad daylight wear hot pink shirts and neon green slacks that had “TALIBAN” down the sides in black bold lettering. Those guys aren’t exactly out and about wearing “Shoot Me” signs. There was also the deal earlier this year when McChrystal put Obama on what we call “front street” when he was being interviewed on 60 Minutes and he said he had only met with Obama once since taking over in Afghanistan.

This was personal if there was ever such a word. Obama was mad because McChrystal exposed a narrative that continues to hurt the president beyond Afghanistan. The narrative is as follows: Obama is aloof, arrogant, immature, naive, and inept, he’s not a leader, he doesn’t know how to govern, he’s disconnected, and he’s too hands off. There’s a reason why this man voted “Present” over 100 times as a state Senator in Illinois. Obama is the type to take responsibility for nothing, but somehow takes credit for everything including the creation of the heavens and the earth, turning water into wine, and the invention of the automobile, the telephone, and the economic surplus during the Clinton years.

Everyone before him failed, everyone before got it wrong, so he’s here to make everything right, and solve all the problems that the previous 43 presidents, despite having more credibility, leadership qualities, integrity, experience, and intelligence just couldn’t crack. He’s a man of little leadership yet he’s the greatest leader in the history of mankind. Howard Fineman on Hardball said General Patraeus just saved Obama’s presidency. That’s what they said about the health care bill, and the speech about the health care bill before it was passed, the speech he gave last week, the speech before that, his economic stimulus plan, when Arlen Specter became a Democrat, heck pretty much any thing this man does quotes, “saves his presidency”.

This PR stunt won’t turn the tide in Afghanistan unfortunately. The difference between this historical moment that will be compared to Lincoln’s decision to fire General McClellan during the Civil War. Now, I say that because you know the media will compare Obama’s decision to put Petraeus in charge of the Afghanistan war to what happened with Lincoln and McClellan so get ready. But as I was saying, the difference between what Petraeus did in Iraq and what he will do now is the man who occupied the White House. George Bush owned the Iraq war for better or worse. He staked his entire presidency and now his legacy on that conflict and history shines a little brighter on Bush each day that Iraq gets a little better. But with Obama Petraeus has a commander in chief that would rather delay the inevitable withdraw of troops that will still happen in one form of another in July of 2011 despite what Andrea Mitchell and the “crack” team of reporters say their sources at the White House told them. By the way, you ever wonder why MSNBC has so many sources at the White House.

Obama’s hearts not in this war, it never was. He talked it up during the general election in order to win favor with moderate Republicans. He could care less whether or not we lose, he just wants to maintain the understanding that no one is allowed to criticize him, ever. You heard his speech; he talked about coming together and ending the debate on the war. So now we’re not allowed to even question our very presence in Afghanistan. I certainly question it everyday because I don’t think we should be there. In fact, I’m of the mind we leave the Middle East altogether. Call me a Ron Paulite I don’t know. But if the GM isn’t ready to spend a little cheese on some talent, then it don’t matter who your coach is.

Obama can dig up Patton, Washington, Lee, Grant, MacArthur, Beauregard, and Sherman for all I care, but all the great generals in the world won’t change the course of action in a war if the man in charge in the White House is basically playing not to lose, instead of playing to win. And we here at Red State aren’t blaming Petraeus or McChrystal, we’re not casting doubt on our brave brothers and sisters fighting for our liberty, but one must ponder the true intentions of this president. What arrogance and heartlessness would it be if he were to put thousands of troop’s lives at risk all because he can’t take criticism? Let’s pray Obama’s not as arrogant and self obsessed as he’s proven himself to be, at least not in this case.