All About Obama

Tonight president Obama will give a speech on his handling, or lack thereof of the BP oil spill in the gulf of Mexico. Facing questions of whether or not he knows how to be a leader, not to mention an effective president who can govern, I don’t view this speech as his moment to rise above the criticism, but a chance to save his own skin. This, is the reason why so many people are losing faith in Barack Obama. When it all boils down to leading people off the sinking ship, he instead pushes people out of the way like George Costanza at the flaming birthday party. Obama would do so on the ship so he could have the first lifeboat.

The president of the United States mustn’t show arrogance. Obama’s problem is that he can’t help but to be arrogant because he’s has his head souped up all his life. When people coddle you and give you everything you want, despite the effective it may have on others, and when people constantly orbit around you telling you have intelligent and profound you are, not only do you develop an arrogant aura, you act as though things in the world will only effect you and how you feel. It reminds me of that episode of Everybody Loves Raymond when Ray’s friend Andy had his article ran by Sports Illustrated, a prize Ray has coveted most of his career as a sportswriter. As his wife Deborah points out, he wasn’t happy for his friend because he was too focused on how his friend’s opportunity effected him. Ray wanted to be in Sports Illustrated and the fact that his friend Andy, who had been asking him for writing tips got that chance upset him. He felt he should have gotten that Sports Illustrated article because he’s Ray Barone.

With Obama its the same thing, he wants this, and that because he says so, he can change the world’s view of America just by walking into some UN summit or what have you because the sheer force of his very existence will move the international body in ways that make Jesus of Nazareth look like a carnival magician. One example, a Hispanic member of Congress shared some time ago that during the health care debate Barack Obama met with members of the Hispanic Caucus. Obama approached this particular member who was planning to vote no, but he said Obama told him point blank that he needed health care to save his presidency and he also said quote, “You guys need to do this for me, I need a win”. Me, me me, I, I, I, it’s always all about Obama and never about the country. This is but one example.

So tonight he’ll give his speech and he’ll exaggerate his role from the beginning because he still thinks the country is either not as smart as he is to figure out a bull let’s say bull spitter, or his words will whisk us up into a euphoric wave and we’ll forget that he didn’t visit the gulf until 50 something days after the spill first happened two months ago. Just like he waited months to meet with General McChrystal for a second time after the good General put him on front street during an interview with 60 Minutes when McChrystal said he had only met with Obama once since being tapped to head the mission in Afghanistan.