The Incredible Shrinking Moderates

You know, when does one realize they have no influence in what is taking place in the country? For Joe Scarborough that day, sadly might never come to pass. Joe’s problem, which has been the focal point of conservative disdain is that he thinks he’s qualified, and justified to sit on his high horse as “Republican Judge” He spouts off on his MSNBC show as if he were the honorable Joe Scarborough of Florida. You see, it’s easy for the beltway Obama republicans to criticize Sarah Palin, and Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, but for these know it all phonies leadership is something they can’t do, which is exactly why they slam the outspoken within their party to begin with.

For Scarborough laying out a foundation for true conservatism would mean giving up his unofficial job as “Self righteous Republican lecturer” and believe me I’ve heard his solutions for what this country is and will face, they’re defunct and debunked 1990s moderate Republican ideas that sunk George H.W. Bush and failed to deliver John McCain to the White House two years ago. He preaches pragmatic big government republicanism while sticking his chest out in arrogant fashion proclaiming to be a quote, “Conservative’s conservative”. Truth be told he is neither conservative, nor capable of leading the new conservative movement that propelled the campaigns of Niki Haley in South Carolina, Sharon Angle in Nevada, as well as dozens of conservative grassroots candidate looking to make their mark this November.

The verdict will read as follows for the Mike Murphy, Mark McKinnon, Joe Scarborough types who like to talk and hear themselves talk, while others like to hear them talk, but they offer little if anything in terms of real, constitutional, conservative ideas that have proven much more effective than the all too unreliable pragmatic moderate solutions of the establishment. The irony in Scarborough’s constant eye poke of the GOP Washington establishment is that he in fact belongs to that same club. He mocked GOP leader Mitch McConnell over the defeat of Trey Grayson in the Kentucky GOP primary for Senate. McConnell was a huge supporter of Grayson, but Grayson was defeated by Rand Paul, who is the son of Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

Here’s a question I have for the Morning Joe and any other Republicans who hailed this as a nut punch to the GOP establishment: Did any of you support those grassroots candidates or candidates supported by the Tea Party? And speaking of the Tea Party, if you rail against the establishment, then why do you hold such contempt for the Tea Part which is the complete opposite of the Washington GOP machine?

They couldn’t answer because they know where they stand, but they hope you don’t know where they stand. These are bitter, has been political lifers who lash out at Palin and Rush Limbaugh and Michelle Bachmann because deep down they’re jealous. They feel they should be out their drawing big crowds and moving the political needle. So instead of joining forces with said names above they smear them and try to cast them off as fringe and out of the mainstream, politically and ideologically unelectable so their liberal friends in the media will approve.

We have no place for irrelevant useful idiots in our party. The GOP is becoming more female, more conservative, and in my opinion more libertarians and the Joe Scarborough types need to accept it, work with us, or simply get out. Judging by how difficult it is for Scarborough to say anything critical of Barack Obama, I take it he would have no problem being a Democrat. In fact, I bet he voted for Obama. You guys see it right? Whenever he criticizes president Obama he has to criticize George Bush, as if he’s appeases the liberals over their at MSNBC. Either that or he gets off criticizing Republicans.