Anti-Incumbent or Anti-Democrat

The running narrative created by the media elite in Washington is that the upcoming primaries tomorrow are a beginning stage for what will be an anti-incumbent year in November. But one must analyze the narrative itself in order to figure out the reasons why all media outlets say the same thing: This is an anti-incumbent year” Yet, polls show more people consider themselves conservative (44%) while only (25%) consider themselves liberal, and the remaining35% align themselves with a more centrist philosophy. I must say when I first starting hearing about this anti-incumbency talk I paid no attention, that is until Bob Bennett was thrown out in Utah and the media seized on it and starting pushing this narrative that both parties are in trouble.

In reality however, the Democrat Party stand to suffer far more loses than the GOP. The numbers, despite the media’s effort to change the narrative suggest that more Democrats are vulnerable by way of primary and general elections that Republicans. Bob Bennett was a good Senator and a solid conservative, but make no mistake, the man was merely an insignificant casualty in a large battle yet to come. He lost because the party is in the midst of a conservative and libertarian revival. No longer are we the party of bargaining, or compromising on our principles, even if our establishment brethren in DC continue to cut deals with the left in order to maintain their own power.

By their own reporting the media manages to divert from their own set of facts. The facts are: A large number of Americans have a favorable view toward the Tea Party. Now, the media has said in the past that the Tea Party is a reflection of the mood of the country. Now, 100.999% of all Tea Party members are conservative or libertarian. They believe in small government, less spending, less taxes, and more freedom. Listen carefully to how the media cut and lifted the message of the Tea Party in order to change it into a narrative most Americans of all ideological stripes can support: Spending. You notice they always talk about spending as the culprit, driving anger at Washington. A Washington mind you that can’t seem to look out for average Americans. They’ve turned the Tea Party message of conservative small government constitutionalism into a chameleon narrative that can be mistaken for progressive populism and a call for bigger government that is much more effective rather than big for the sake of being big.

They would rather cede only this point, and in so doing have the room to cast Republicans into the sea along with Democrats: This is all about incumbents, not Democrats. However, one cannot arrogantly dismiss reality that both incumbents and Democrats are directly linked, joined at the hip in fact. It’s not a coincidence that Republicans are predicted to win about 30 seats this year. Furthermore, what’s so damaging if you’re a Democrat is the fact that your party is in so much trouble even though there are more GOP retirements this year than slated Democrat retiring from the House and Senate.

So I thought I’d touch on that because it was annoying the hell out of me.