The Beltway Elite's Reason Behind Terrorism

What if we followed Ron Paul’s advice and left the Middle East, would terrorists give up their global war on what they see as western secularism and decadence? Would they suddenly cease to indoctrinate people in Mosques and the Madrasah? Would they turn back plans to quote, "Islamitize" the world in order to create an Islamic Caliphate? Well, we could give it a try but I’m betting on no, they wouldn’t stop. You see, Congressman Paul with all do respect because I’m a pride Paulite, you don’t seem to understand the foundations of Islam, nor do you understand just how deep these roots run within the Muslim world. The same goes for 60 Minutes’ Correspondent Leslie Stahl who described radical Islam as a "narrative" that puts the United States as chief antagonist trying, to quote Mrs. Stahl, "destroys Islam" or at least that’s what she said all Muslims who commit acts of terror think when committing these violent acts.

But, what about circumstances in which radical Muslims kill other Muslims? I mean, was the United States behind the Taliban’s bloody oppressive rule in Afghanistan? What about Saudi Arabia the most oppressive Islamic state in the Middle East where its illegal to be a practicing Christian and women aren’t allowed to drive cars or own property. You never hear the left talk about the treatment of women in the Muslim world. Could you imagine if this country or countries in Western Europe made women cover up from head to toe and if they weren’t covered properly they were stone or had acid thrown on them? Could you imagine the outrage and rightfully so. But our religion, my religion called Christianity doesn’t promote such barbaric acts. I’ve said this many times and I believe it, Christianity is the most progressive, forgiving, and accepting religion on this earth, period. We must recognize that far beyond the social gripes with America’s Middle East policy lies something far more expansive and far more sinister. Remember, the Qur’an doesn’t call for the killing of all infidels because they built an Air Force base in your country’s capital. It calls for the killing of all non-Muslims.

Shelby Steele was on This Week with Jake Tapper and he offered his reason behind Islamic terrorism: He said that Muslims from the third world struggle with modernity and thus that compels them to commit violent acts on a large scale because the inner conflict of religious and ethnic pride clashes with their new life in the west. Now, on its face that might sound like a rational and coherent analysis of why Muslims commit terror. But the key words are "Muslim", "Islamic" it’s no coincidence that 98.9% of all terrorists are of the Muslim faith either by birth or conversion.

Look, "the blame America or blame western social requirements" routine is annoying but I sympathize with the left and how they try to dance around calling a duck a duck. But this duck not only walks and quacks like a duck, it tried to detonate a pocket rocket, shot up innocent soldiers at Fort Hood, shot two innocent soldiers in Arkansas at a Military recruitment center, posed as two pizza delivery men and tried to kill soldiers in New Jersey, terrorized a hotel in Mumbai, bombed the USS Cole, destroyed the twin towers on 9-11, and just recently the duck tried to blow up the Viacom building in Time Square. Now, is this a socially disconnected duck, a poor duck angry at the unfairness of the global economic structure, or is this duck committed to a twisted ideology spawned from an even more twisted and oppressive religion?