Mr. President At Some Point You've Been President Enough

During a town hall style get together in Quincy, Illinois, just one of the stops on President Obama’s “From The White House to Main Street” tour, by the way is that not the most politically manufactured name for a tour you ever heard in your life? Anyway, just a side thought, you know this president has a habit of talking in front of people and really digging into capitalism. He strikes me as a man who not necessarily misunderstands capitalism due to a lack of legitimate knowledge of the economic system we used to embrace in this country, but instead that misunderstanding comes from 20 years inside the church of one Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Also, you add on a few years with Bernadene Dorne and William Ayers, Obama’s days as a street agitator and lawyer for ACORN in Chicago, and the end result of this mad science experiment is a man who fundamentally objects to what he perceives to be a system that promotes and excuses greed, materialism, economic individualism which he sees as selfishness, and wealth creation at the expense of the poor and disenfranchised, which means poor blacks and browns.

But Obama’s views of capitalism are flawed, for he fails to understand that which cures his own perceptions. Capitalism itself is like soap, you know how soap is self cleaning, well capitalism is a self regulating system. It weeds out the bad actors, it rewards the visionaries, and it punishes the greedy and dishonest. I believe capitalism is one of divine structure, like the god it rewards and blesses those who abide by its moral code, though it often damns those who seek to distort and misuse, and in many cases reject capitalism’s moral foundation. There are more examples of capitalism’s own effective punishment on the so called “fat cats” than any government regulation ever created. You know why? Government regulation takes place at the expense of the economy at large, while the natural law of capitalism ie self regulation targets a certain entity whether its a corrupt business or an unlawful act by a CEO, and the economy is usually spared. And yes, even recessions are about of this natural order of capitalism. I don’t have to tell my conservative brothers and sisters that but I’ll pretend I’m giving a lecture at Columbia.

So when president Obama says a t some point you’ve made enough money he’s wrong, he has no say in the matter. The market forces that be will decide the fate of a Wall Street executive or some bigwig trying to make out clean on a dirty deal. All of this anger at Wall Street is misguided, and this is coming from someone, that someone being me, who questions the motives of the Wall Street crowd, but I do so without surrendering or watering down my strong support for capitalism and individualism. The mix up is simply a case of what Ron Paul calls “Corporatism” There is in fact a purposeful merger of the two by Democrats and anti-capitalist progressives who want to blur the line between the honest and natural laws of capitalism and the shady dealings of the corporate welfare system. They do so while taking contributions from big banks.

Congressman Paul is right, corporate welfare is the problem, not capitalism itself. Could you imagine being told that you made enough money last year, or that your investments have limitations in terms of how much they grow each quarter? Imagine if you will your employer passing you less and less each week or every other week because they feel the need to cap your pay at a certain amount out of fairness to those who work under you. That’s not fairness, especially when you reward some at the expense of others. We need to educate the president on what it means to be a capitalist. Capitalists aren’t short, fat men in suits with handlebar mustaches riding around in Model T’s with paper dollars flying out a bag as we zoom down a road made of poor people. Gordon Gecko’s “Greed is good” is not a philosophy nor a motto to which I subscribe, and yet we’re painted with this broad brush as evil and wealth hungry.

To the president I say this: if you get to assume the title of “Wealth manager” this perhaps we should apply the same logic when it comes to your job as president. So, Mr. President, at some point you’ve been president enough. Maybe it’s time you give being a one term president some thought. Or better yet, like your pay czar we’ll decide for you.