How To Counter the "Results Party" DNC Mid-Term Strategy

Former governor of Virginia and current chair of the DNC Tim Kaine was on Morning Joe and he laid out pieces of the Democrats’ strategy going into the November midterm elections. Now, if any of you saw that segment with the good governor maybe you caught something he said quickly under his breath. He said the word “tactics”. The Democrats are going to use tactics they see as beneficial to their survival effort. In other words, they’re going to race bait and smear Republicans and their unofficial leader Sarah Palin in hopes of raising their negatives. Tim Kaine also touched on the Tea Party movement and how it will actually play in the hands of Democrats because quote, “The right wingers are pushing out the moderate Republicans”. Before I go deeper into this, what exactly is a right winger? I keep hearing this from leftists and some champagne Republicans and yet they never explain what exactly it means to be a right winger. What qualifies someone to be one of these infamous right wingers? Does anyone know?

Kain said the Tea Party movement will help Democrats win seats in Florida, Texas, and other Democrat hostile areas that traditionally elect conservative candidates. There’s only one problem, not a major one, just a tiny problem with that opinion of the Tea Party governor: It’s not the Tea Party that made Marco Rubio, nor was it the Tea Party that made Rand Paul or any other “right winger” and libertarian running in 2010. Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are, now are you ready for this? They’re strong candidates with a fresh appeal and good ideas. You can’t take that away from them even though you’re going to try darn hard to do that this fall. I’ve been saying this since February of 2009, libertarianism is on the rise in this country and progressivism is on the decline. This has been the case since the stimulus package. Despite the Democrats so called, bringing the economy back from the brink, despite passing death care, despite all the news about the economy, there’s a reason why the president’s approval numbers are in the lower 40s, and Congress’ approval numbers are in the teens.

The media and the Democrats like to compare what will happen in November to what happened to Reagan in 1982. The only difference and I get tired of this because I have to explain it every time they try to make the Obama/Reagan comparison, the only difference between what will happen and what happened to Reagan in 1982 is that Reagan’s economic stimulus plan, or at least the bulk of it was tax cuts and spending cuts. Obama’s plan was more spending than tax cuts. Under Reagan’s plan the economy came roaring back and eventually the man they called “The Gipper” was responsible for the largest economic expansion in 20 years with over 20 million new jobs created in that time. Barack Obama with his minimal tax cuts and load the box spending won’t create even close to the half of the 20 million under Reagan. His  agenda isn’t working what’s so hard to understand about that? Sure unemployment dropped but that was due in large part to the temporary Census jobs that will end in the summer. So by my calculations unemployment will rise over this summer. So we’ll probably hit 10 maybe 11& and that will boost real unemployment near 20%. Furthermore, this president has increased jobs we must give him that, but the jobs he created are mostly public sector and what they call “temp” jobs. Barack Obama has created more public sector jobs than any president since FDR, and he’s not done.

Under Barack Obama the private sector has lost money, jobs, and confidence in the future economic outlook of the United States. Also, under this president the national debt has increased and he has accounted for more debt than all of his predecessors combined. Imagine that if you will, he’s amassed more debt and deficit spending than FDR, George Bush, and Jimmy Carter, and they were some of the biggest spenders we’ve ever had as president. Under Barack Obama unemployment is at 9.7%, we’ve lost 8 million jobs out of the 750,000 they claim to have saved or created. Well, you can’t go to Gary, Indiana one of the poorest cities in America and explain to voters that you saved or created a job, because it sounds as though you aren’t sure whether you saved or created a job in the first place.

The GOP can run against Obama and win but it’s important that they tie Obama, Reid, and Pelosi together and wrap them up tight. The Republicans have to link them together and explain the damage done by these three socialists. And another thing, if you want to use the word “socialist” you have to then explain your use of that word and why its an appropriate description of this president and this Congress. For example, tell the voters about the plan to nationalize the student loan program that was secretly placed in the health care plan that oh by the way that same public overwhelmingly opposes. Explain to voters that one had nothing to do with the other, but their overall agenda called for such a measure.

it’s time for us to hit back and hit back hard. I believe if we run on a libertarian message of freedom, optimism, and common sense not only will we win in November, we’ll ensure that Barack Obama won’t stand at that podium in January of 2013.