Who Made Who?

Who made you?

I was reading a Newsweek piece by Andrew Romano just a few minutes ago and if I may say it was complete crap. I’m sorry I’m sure Mr. Romano is a good writer and I don’t know him personality but his article basically laid out a reason why Republicans should quote, “cut deals” with Barack Obama and the Democrats. Of course he quoted the usual moderate suspects like David Frum. By the way Frummie looks like Steve Gutenberg, I’m just sayin’. Any who, we have to be careful of those in our party who are now, in the face of defeat calling for a truce, or some sort of leverage with the majority party in power. The reason we can’t take these voices with heart is because they argue for something that has landed the GOP in the lose column, not the win column. For example in 1994 when Newt Gingrich led the GOP to large gains they worked with Bill Clinton and in so doing cut Bob Dole off at the knees because he could no longer peg Clinton as a big government out of the mainstream liberal.

But I suspect this is what the Frums and Brooks and Joe Scarboroughs of the world wanted. They were willing to have Obamacare become law just to spite and marginalize the tea party movement. Let’s face it  those talking heads who make up the so called moderate conservative wing never really took to the grassroots and most of them felt the tea party activists were stepping on the toes of those in the GOP who so arrogantly claimed to have the map back to the House, the Senate, and more important 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But is cutting a few deals here and there and appeasing the president and Democrats really a good strategy? Or is it the white flag of those who never really saw outright opposition to Obama’s agenda as a viable tactic? Just remember back to the beginning of 2009 and the words of Mike Murphy: In order for Republicans to regain a majority they’re going to have to work with Obama” Now does that make any sense to you? It sure doesn’t make much sense to me. I mean how does Obama and only Obama not gain from Republicans working with him?

In his article Romano cites a new poll that says 49% of Americans now believe the reform measure by Obama and the Democrats was a good thing. While 40% still feel it was a bad idea. Now, I don’t believe that all of the sudden after months and months of fiery debates, town halls, and protests, poll after poll showing a large majority of Americans strongly oppose Obamacare, you mean to tell me the attention span of the American people is only a week or so long? Not after what this country just went through politically starting back in the summer of 2009. I don’t believe one bit of that poll.

You’re going to start to see this more and more. Moderate republicans coming out of the wood work trying to cut deals with Obama because to spite the tea party. They feel their way is best for the GOP, I’d beg to differ but let’s see who’s way is best. There’s nothing in this bill that would win over such a large majority of Americans, immediate pre-existing coverage and all. What we have to do as conservatives and libertarians is reject this idea of compromise. We can’t compromise on issues like Cap and Trade and Immigration because the end result is a watered down liberal approach. Call it incremental socialism or incremental amnesty, rather than the whole shebang all at once. I don’t care how far Lindsey Graham’s arm has extended to the “other side of the aisle” You cannot trust nor make deals with people who have a fundamental view of America, her constitution, and her system than you and people in your party do.

So here’s some words of wisdom to Republicans: Don’t use the 1994 model, and don’t, I repeat don’t listen to Romano, John Avalon, and other so called high plane “conservatives” because at the end of the day these are the guys who still believe that Obama is a moderate who can be reasoned with. Apparently delusion is airborne inside the beltway.

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