America's First Dictator

Barack Obama represents many historical firsts for this country. Yes, the obvious one that comes to mind is that he’s the first African American president in our nation’s history. But one other first accompanies this man to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Barack Obama is in fact the first dictator this country has ever had, I mean ever. The difference between what we’re living now and that of our forefathers during the era of British rule is quite distinct, you almost long for the days of bold and fearless simple men, instead of simple men. Those simple yet bold and honest men of integrity stated and seen the obvious, which was an oppressive foreign empire trying to impose its will on the people of a colony in which that empire did not belong to. These days such men would be ridiculed and accused of racism and extremism, some of those charges would come from those who claim to represent conservatism.

Just listen to people like Joe Scarborough who make fun of Glen Beck because of Beck’s off the wall, albeit accurate and honest dissection of this administration’s  Marxist and progressive agenda. I could almost see the Joe Scarboroughs and David Brooks of the world back during the lead up to the revolution. I’m telling you they would be the ones who argued against the Boston Tea Party, they would have ridiculed Patrick Henry the original Glen Beck, and they would have argued against the revolutionary war because to them speaking out against this president is counterproductive, no matter how productive it is given poll after poll. You cannot trust men who would soon argue slavery over the fear of death or conviction. Men like these often find themselves buried alongside the dictators and evil regimes throughout our history.

With Obama, you have a man cut from the same cloth as the socialist leaders in South America. Namely such dictators as Chavez in Venezuela, Morales in Bolivia, Ortega in Nicaragua, and of course the originator, Castro of Cuba. Just listen to the language for it paints a clear picture. If you compare the speeches of Obama with that of Chavez or Evo Morales the similarities are fascinating and very deep. All three men spoke of transformational change to the system, they railed against what they saw as the status quo, which can be boiled down to any corporation or entity viewed in their eyes as a roadblock or heavy foot crushing the people in the name of profit and wealth. Just listen to Obama go in hard after the health care industry as if they were on trial for murder in the first degree. He pounds and he pounds to no end at these devils and their insidious profit making at the expense of poor people. All the while he breaks one area of society down while maintaining the pure gold wrapped warrior that is himself.

When Chavez rose to power he did so as a member of the Military. Like Chavez and others Obama marches to the drum beat of class warfare and social justice. To him, the real threat to liberty and prosperity is the private sector and Wall Street, not a government that has the emotionless capability to crush everything in its path. He has to create straw men and targets that unite the people, and what better target than health care providers and greedy Wall Street yuppies who received billions of taxpayers dollars to clean up a mess they were responsible for. But to the libertarian we see through this masquerade, because we know history all too well.

But I digress in my point because I would be considered a wingnut. If I were on Morning Joe or Hard-On with Chris Matthews and I explained my reason for saying Obama was America’s first dictator, no matter how concrete and substantive my arguments were, I would be ridiculed and accused of racism. Then again, in Venezuela Chavez had many new organizations and newspapers working for him and protecting his presidency I believe in the Soviet Union they called it Pravda. We all know who America’s Pravda is so I won’t go into much detail about that. But my point is this, the constitution no longer stands as the last defense between freedom and tyranny, nor do the principles of republicanism remain a component of this nation. The last fragments of Jeffersonian-republicanism is but the name of the minority party in America.

I never thought I’d see this day come to pass but we are here. And while I’m a passionate student of the great Thomas Jefferson who encouraged bloody rebellion, in his own words he said it was a good then every now and again, I myself would not call people to arms against the government. It has not gotten to that point just yet, although history doesn’t just pave the way for things anew, it also repeats itself. Were the founders radicals, perhaps in the eyes of today’s “pc” America, the founders would be seen as on the level of Al-Qaeda, believe it or not, the fathers were that radical, at least the majority of the anti-federalists certainly were. However sometimes when one is pushed to the brink, they react only the way a cornered snake would, they strike back because life and freedom is just too precious.

We have to accept the reality that Barack Obama is a dictator, all the evidence points to nothing otherwise. After all, what title would you give a man who passes his agenda through executive order, appoints his czars and creates task forces through executive order? It not a dictator than what? While not an absolute dictator he certainly is a benevolent one.