UnDemocratic Democracy

Democrats are accusing Republicans of quote, “Standing in the way of democracy” However, I can argue, and with sufficient evidence that in fact health care itself is standing in the way of democracy and the will of the people. What say Washington when the majority oppose this health care plan? Well, Washington ignores the obvious. They scoff at the very notion that the will of people truly matters. After all, it matters when people vote, but when they object to this transformation of 1/6 of our economy, all of the sudden the will of the people isn’t their will at all, but merely a misguided act of citizen angst and ignorance because they know not the worth of this health care push by the Democrats.

And of course you have arrogance and selfishness. This is no longer about the people of America because the people overwhelmingly oppose health care overhaul in its current form. My conservative friends this is about saving face and what conservatives call the Holy grail of the progressive movement. You know, James Madison said: “In Republics, the great danger is, that the majority may not sufficiently respect the rights of the minority”. Well in this case the roles are reversed in that the minority doesn’t sufficiently respect the rights and the will of the majority. How did we get to a point in our history where some of us are pondering the real possibility of an America that is no longer free, or that our freedoms no longer come from the constitution but instead an elected body in the nation’s capital. I never realized how UN-American the Democrat party truly is until this president and this congress unleashed itself a year ago. When the right said the Democrats had all this pent up ambition for the past eight years boy were they dead on and then some. However I believe there is a solution and here’s some detail on that.

We can challenge them on the basis of the constitutionality of their entire agenda. Not just health care, but cap and trade, bank regulation, immigration, you name it. The Democrats like to accuse the GOP of trying to derail the democratic process, but perhaps they should look down at the hand that is committing the murder, instead of blaming the weapon.You can’t blame the Republicans for trying to stop democracy when they are simply adhering to the will of the people, which is a fundamental component to democracy itself. Would a restaurateur accuse the owner of the diner across the street of trying to suppress his or her business because that diner offers better food at a lower price? Would the same be true if customers preferred the diner over the high end restaurant? No, but in the world of Democrats democracy and the will of the people isn’t democracy at all. Let’s use the constitution as our defense against their platform and if she no longer holds light as the true foundation of this country, then bury her alongside her makers in the tomb of time.

As for James Madison he said something that I think is essential to this entire debate on health care. He said all men with power ought to be mistrusted. Today we’re being asked, no we’re being forced to place our trust in men who hold powerful positions in government. Would the founding fathers trust Barack Obama? Absolutely not, in fact the founders would try to overthrow this government, I’m convinced of that, I really am. I believe when Thomas Jefferson talked about a little bloody rebellion being good every now and again he was sincere. When George Washington talked about the dangers of government and how government is incapable of being compassionate and unbiased toward power and control I believe he was right. We can win the arguments based on the founders’ words alone, because the American majority still honor those men. As for the 20% progressive minority in America, well, we can always buy them plane tickets to western Europe. Since they’re so obsessed with bringing western Europe to the shores of the United States. Why not make their dreams come true without the majority suffering through the regressive welfare programs of the old empires of our ally continent.

One thing I will say about Europe is this, we must look to them for a peak into our potential future. The old empires I speak of fell due to a complacent attitude toward their own liberty. In fact, they were all too willing to place freedom on the blackjack table. If we become that bold as to gamble our own precious liberty for the prospects of the Utopia we will become the next great empire to fall into the oceans of history. Ben Franklin said America will be free so long as her people let it. At one point I believed in my heart when America voted to put Barack Obama in office I was convinced that the American people were willing to compromise on their freedom, but the great awakening changed my mind. I believe the American people are willing to compromise their lives for freedom, not the other way around. That my friends, in the words of Ronald Reagan would be a very American thing to do.