Sarah Palin Not Smart Enough To Be President

Although, Barack Obama is the smartest man to ever become president. The smartest man to ever become president doesn’t know how to create jobs, he doesn’t understand the fundamentals of economics, he’s the smartest guy to ever have a cabinet full of people who are smarter and more experienced than he is, and he’s so smart he only has a press conference where he gives a speech but doesn’t take any questions afterward. You see where I’m going here? Apparently Chris Matthews the host of Hard On and Ron Reagan the dog show announcer with a failed radio program think Sarah Palin is just some dumb former governor turned celebutician with a “hot librarian” look. But I have yet to hear anyone challenge these two sad cases on this notion that Barack Obama is this smart, intellectual being. In fact if you really think about it, most people who have common sense (Palin) tend to be much more aware intellectually of the world than those who gained knowledge not from real world experiences but from years of manufactured college curriculum. Again, if Obama is the smartest man walking the earth as everyone throughout his life has told him, why were his transcripts from college sealed in the temple of doom never to be released to the public?

We all found out that Palin transferred from school to school finally ended up at the University of Idaho. The media did their job and rightfully so, we’re supposed to know everything short of personal information about our presidents and potential presidents. It’s called an open society, but when it comes to Obama for some reason the smartest man in the world can’t actually prove it. That’s like someone saying they can run faster than a cheetah, and every time you want to see them race a cheetah they say their leg is hurting. I don’t understand this running gag inside the beltway that Palin is dumb because she’s plain spoken and went to a state university, yet Obama is smart because he went to Harvard, and yet no one has ever seen his grades. Or maybe they have and he ain’t as smart as they say he is. What makes Palin smarter and more aware than Obama is the fact that she openly admits her ups and downs as a college student and how she is willing to learn more as a potential political figure. With Obama, he doesn’t have to learn about anything, he already knows everything.

I have some words of wisdom for our genius in chief: You better start wanting to learn more or you’ll get your hat handed to you like you did at the Health Care Summit. The fact is Mr. President you looked out debated, out smarted, and the likes of Paul Ryan who I believe is ten times the intellectual you’ll ever be, or pretend to be will run circles around you in future debates. By the way I know this might make many of you uncomfortable but I’m going to say this: Ron Reagan is a real disgrace. The guy is a complete fool who spends his time every other year talking about dogs. His radio show is an utter failure and I believe Ronald Reagan appreciated the relationship he had with Mike Reagan more than the one he had with Ron, and I think when people bring that up it cuts Ron deep because he knows its true. Ronald Reagan would be disappointed in that failed radio show hack. By the way, it’s never a good thing when the son looks like the mother….Never good.