It Backfired Mr. President

I watched all seven hours of the Health Care Summit yesterday and I was shocked. I was shocked at the level of fight and coherence on the part of the Republicans who not only came prepared, they came prepared prepared. They won that debate and it was clear to everyone on both sides. You know how I know they won? When asked by Diane Sawyer on ABC World News who wont he debate George Stephanoupolus said it was a draw. In other words, at least he’s objective enough to not give the “win” to Barack Obama and the Democrats, but he’s too bias to give the GOP all the credit, though they cleaned Obama and his doolies’ clock like it was first, second, and third nature. Obama’s attempt at making the Republicans look like the big bad wolf backfired like a 1976 Brougham.

All throughout the summit the cameras were on Obama and you could read the frustration and annoyance on his face. He was annoyed not because the Republicans were using these flat, unrelated arguments or emotional story lines like say, the Democrats were, but he was annoyed because the GOP was destroying he and his party’s arguments point by point. For every insurance company horror story and sob tale of young Timmy and his one leg or his half a face due to an accident in a coal mine, the Republicans offered reasonable, well thought out counterpoints that threw the Democrats off guard. By the way, who knew so many Democrats worked for or had ties to so many insurance companies.

I think Obama will reconsider next time he tries to pull a fast one over on the GOP and the American people. You know, all one hundred of us that actually took seven hours out of our lives to watch. Someone needs to let the president know that having summits and televised debates during the day isn’t exactly the best idea because most Americans who still have jobs are working, and the ones who aren’t are out looking for work.

One last thing, did anyone catch Obama eying Paul Ryan? Ryan was on his game and I think Obama is intimidated by people who are smarter than he is, or I should more learned in the issues. I think for most of his life Obama was told he was the smartest guy walking the earth and that he was the smartest guy to ever run for president, and that he was the smartest guy to ever become president. Well, I don’t know Paul Ryan, but I think Paul Ryan showed that he was much smarter than Barack Obama. I think Obama feels the same way I do. People who have gone through life taking in every kiss up remark and every manufactured compliment tend to inflate not only their very existence, but they tend to believe they’re smarter, prettier, and more talented than the rest of us. Without the teleprompter and the hand picked audience and the manufactured letters from little girls or the focus group applause lines, Obama is left with nothing to carry him to the finish line. It’s like the whole Ryan Leaf/Peyton Manning debate before the 1998 NFL draft. I don’t know if any of you remember Ryan Leaf but, the consensus around the NFL and the sports media world was that Ryan Leaf was the better quarterback. They thought Peyton was the smarter of the two, but Ryan had the natural ability, or so they thought. And I’ve always compared Obama to Ryan Leaf. Everyone said that Obama would make a better president than Hillary Clinton because he had the natural ability to bring about the changes needed to get Washington and the country back on track. Unfortunately what we see is a man who’s poll numbers have taken a dramatic dive and continue to do so, his agenda is failing across the board and the only way he’s been able to pass bits and pieces of his overall agenda is through executive order.