My Take On Things

I’m not one to support the idea of policing speech or, political correctness. So whenever I have the chance to level a highly vulgar or controversial assessment of the state of my country or the culture I never balk at such an opportunity, after all we never know when that right will fast fade into memory. But I have to stand on the side of innocence and integrity. I have to oppose this Family Guy episode in which Chris, the older brother takes a girl with down syndrome out on a date. In the scene the girl tells him about herself and she says quote, “My mom used to be the governor of Alaska” or something to that effect, I’m paraphrasing mind you. Nonetheless it strikes me as gutless when a forty something year old man goes after a little baby. But it really highlights the lack of balls when a forty something year old man goes after a little baby with down syndrome. Now, I heard the Hollywood left defend MacFarlane and I don’t buy the argument. This wasn’t Sarah Palin’s fault and yet they tried to make it seem like her criticism of Rahm Emanuel’s use of the word retard and her excusing Rush Limbaugh when he used to word opened the doors for attacks on her son Trig.

And again, so what if Sarah Palin did open the door, what does her son have to do with anything? However, this isn’t some uncommon theme when it comes to all things Sarah Palin. A liberal blogger made a comment stating that quote, “Sarah Palin is responsible for increasing the population of retarded people.” I don’t know what it is about this woman that gets them so upset and so unhinged but apparently she makes them so angry they feel the need to attack her child. But that boy can’t defend himself and I’m not trying to paint him as some helpless nothing but the fact is he can’t. And when I see Sarah Palin on Fox having to defend herself and her family against these attacks I can read the pain and sadness on her face. I don’t blame her either, no one would invite such harsh smears against their family, especially their children. When Barack Obama said clearly: “My wife is off limits” the media didn’t blink twice, they obeyed. But Sarah Palin can forget about it, her family are not only fair game, their used as a way to hurt her twice as much.

There’s this venom, an extra dose of venom that goes into each attack leveled at her and it stuns me it really does. I honestly in my young years growing up in this media age and personality age have never seen a person that draws such pure disdain and malcontent vitriol as Sarah Palin. And for what? Again, she strikes me as a nice person who reminds me of a room mom or a teacher I had in high school. I can imagine Sarah Palin teaching biology or gym, but I could very much imagine Michele Obama as one of the smug administrators or assistant principle. Maybe I’m naive, or in the words of Three Doors Down, maybe I’m just blind. I don’t understand the hatred for this woman, I really don’t.

I do know one thing, the left is on borrowed time. And in the words of Danny Glover from Lethal Weapon 4: “You can’t beat the clock Riggs.”