Evan Bayh's Come to Jesus Moment

Today Senator Evan Bayh announced his retirement from the Senate. I was surprised although I can’t say that I blame the Senator, the road to reelection is paved with spike strips, land mines, IEDs, and those worms from the movie ‘Tremors’. But it was the speech that caught my attention as Bayh asailed against his Democrat Party colleagues in the Congress. To quote him, “I don’t love Congress”  And as Bayh tries to play the disgusted righteous Senator from the great state of Indiana who in his own words “fought for the people of Indiana” I have one parting question for Senator Bayh: “Where were you when health care was being planned forcefully behind the backs of not only the people in your state but people all over the country?” “Where were you when your Democrat Party colleagues were calling senior citizens and Iraq war vets Nazis and racists for standing for their liberty at town halls during the summer months?” “Where were you when the Democrats passed the phony slimeulus package last February?” It’s funny, Evan Bayh was beneath the surface when the Democrats were trying to push the majority of their unpopular and radical agenda late last year.

I find him, unfortunately to be a tad bit arrogant and political. He has the nerve to reject everything he had no interest nor desire to fight against only a few months ago. How can you turn a blind eye to reckless spending and socialism, bitter partisanship at the hand of your own party, and then turn around and make like your the George Washington of the United States Senate. “Evan Bayh: Man of Principle and Modest Integrity” How about Evan Bayh: Man of political posturing and low poll numbers in Indiana” I’d say the latter is more accurate. What say you?