It Could Have Been A Lot Worse

Joe Klein’s assessment of Sarah Palin’s vision for America points to one of despair and stasis, according to the Time magazine journalist. Hers is of course in Klein’s words the opposite of Barack Obama’s vision of hope and change, or “hopey changey”. But I’m confused because I can’t seem to find one example of hope or change. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m bias, but 9.7% unemployment (17% real unemployment), suicidal deficits and debt, a stagnant economy, and an inept administration, coupled with unease throughout the country isn’t exactly the characteristics of a hopeful nation ready and willing to embrace dramatic change.

Klein says Palin paints a picture of fear and gloom. I could argue that yes, her outlook, no I take that back, her take on the state of the union is very dark and scary. America has become a very fragile and less free, thus a very terrifying place under Barack Obama and the Democrats. You can’t accuse Sarah Palin or anyone else of trying to stir up fear and angst when you have Barack Obama and his minions doing so with their policies. What Klein and the rest of the aloof elite media complex inside the beltway have yet to understand, perhaps as a result of denial is that Barack Obama may not be the one who can actually govern this country as president. Did they ever think that some people just aren’t cut out to be president? I mean, there are people out there who are smart I’m sure, and are nice people but that doesn’t mean they will make good presidents, or should even run for president.

I used to think a good president was something given to this nation by chance, but then I realized that most good presidents often possess the one thing that separates them from mediocre and bad presidents: Principle and reason. From the most principled of them all: George Washington, to the most expedient: Bill Clinton, most presidents recognize their own political mortality and change course. It’s different with Obama, it seems as though he has a problem with admission. It’s not his fault health care reform is so unpopular, he just has to explain it better so we dumb Podunk folk in fly over country can understand it. I mean, we ain’t much on that fancy book learnin’ and them big wordses. It’s not his fault for spending so much money, George Bush left the economy in dire straits. Of course, I have to ask: Did Grant blame the late Lincoln for having to finish the Re-Construction post-Civil War? Did Hoover blame Calvin Coolidge for the Great Depression or at least the beginning stages of the Depression in the late 20s?

Blaming your predecessor for all your problems isn’t leadership, for from it in fact. But the world according to Joe Klein and others who have invested their dignity and credibility as….journalists? Defend Obama’s overuse of the “Blame Bush” card. To them the problems facing the country are George Bush’s fault. Still I channel my own confusion, I thought because Barack Obama was president all the things plaguing the world would disappear? I thought the clouds would break and rainbows would sprout after the thunderstorm. I thought our enemies would lay down their hatred for us, and our allies would tend to our every need. At least that’s what we were told…over and over again.

No Joe, you can’t swipe at Palin with these backhanded comments because she was too critical of Obama for your liking. She speaks truth and that both hurts and benefits her. You can’t argue 9.7% unemployment and say “Well, you know it could have been a lot worse”. That’s the running line in the media: “It could have been a lot worse”. Sounds like the Democrats 2010 campaign slogan if you ask me. I’m serious that’s all we heard from the talking heads in scotch scented suits: “Well, Obama’s not succeeding on the economy but you know it could have been a lot worse.” That’s like your doctor saying, “You know Mr. so and so you have advanced stage colon cancer and you only have 5 months to live. But I mean, you know it could of been a lot worse, you could only have 3 months to live.” Yes, yes indeed, it could have been a lot worse for America. We could have 10% unemployment, multi-trillion dollar deficits, our AAA status could be in danger, and our bankers could have been communists whose economy is growing faster than ours at a rate much faster than we could ever imagine right now (China’s GDP is projected to grow 10.7% this year). Oh wait, that’s been our reality for some time now.

….But ya know, it could have been a lot worse.