Sarah The Anti-Elite

Sarah Palin’s speech at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville was widely seen as her sort of “Coming out speech” of sorts post-Alaska governor, post-Vice presidential candidate. Well, in the eyes of many, especially those in attendance, she didn’t disappoint. But int he eyes of the media, and one network in particular, Sarah Palin, even if she saved a basket of puppies, and old woman, and a newborn from a burning skyscraper apartment building, no matter what Sarah Palin is despised by this one network, and you all know who I’m talking about.

There are those out there who are uncomfortable, or to put in in its most honest form: “Afraid” of the idea that she might very well run for president, win the nomination, and defeat a politically damaged Barack Obama in 2012. Now, I’m a Palin fan but I see many flaws, then again all candidates have flaws. But above all else I see someone who is raw, and by raw I mean real. Sarah Palin, despite criticism by the learned coastal staples has the same quirky broken vernacular as the room mom, you guys remember room moms don’t you? The moms who would be in charge of bringing the treats for the classroom parties when you were in elementary school. My mom, was a room mother for about two years. She’s the first true citizen politician. She’s that PTA mom who gets involved in the affairs of her community. And that not only annoys the elites, yes the elites, and I know that word has become cliche, but it’s an appropriate label nonetheless, it also makes them feel like Sarah Palin is somehow beneath them because she didn’t go to Harvard or Yale, she didn’t spend every waking moment of her life campaigning, consulting with strategists, prepping, and focus grouping every word she has every spoke in her life. They say she needs to come up with new ideas, as oppose to Barack Obama who takes old ideas and wraps them in new gift paper. I mean, what is so old and unappealing about small government and less spending?

But this is what happens when you consolidate power and influence within a relatively small area in the beltway and along the coastal regions in America. And yes John Stewart, a truck driver from Burlington Iowa has a different world view than a journalist from Seattle. What’s worse is the apologists on the right, or as they like to call it the “reasonable right” who constantly throw her under the bus so they don’t offend their liberal buddies, Joe Scarborough knows all about that. Just once I’d like to see a Republican on camera, on MSNBC express their support for Sarah Palin. Pat Buchanan is the only one that comes to mind, but I’d like to see more. You don’t have to be a blind supporter of Sarah Palin, we don’t believe in messiahs in the GOP, but at the same time don’t act like you can’t defend your brother or sister in arms whenever the left rears its ugly head after this woman appears on camera.

So she took shots at Obama, you know I noticed that more so called conservatives were offended by that than liberals. I’ve said this for a long time, there are some in our party who are either afraid of Barack Obama for whatever reason, or deep down they like him because they still think he’s the same Obama from the campaign, as if that were the real Obama to begin with. These people are going to have to wake up and join the fight, or get dumped in the mud because we don’t have time to eat our own. Sarah Palin is one of us, she’s not our enemy what’s wrong with these people. You would think Sarah Palin smells or she’s the demon daughter of Satan. What it boils down to is this: She’s unwavering, political, morally, culturally, and the beltway crowd couldn’t imagine holding true to anything that might put their popularity around the cocktail party circuit at risk.

All they talk about is bipartisanship and reason. So they go out on these fake debate tours together, Howard Dean and Ariana Huffington, and Joe Scarborough, or Alan Colmes, Donna Brazil, and Rick Santorum. These debates are nothing but publicity stunts put on by people who live inside an echo chamber filled with alcohol breath, cigarette smoke, and talking points. Their obsession with bipartisanship is masochistic, it’s all they think about. But in reality, history shows us that partisanship, rather than one party namely the GOP, compromising their principles was widely accepted and encouraged by the founders. Let cite an example: Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were very skeptical of one another. In fact, when Hamilton was appointed the first Sec. of the Treasury by George Washington Thomas Jefferson was not only a fierce opponent of what Hamilton implemented at the treasury secretary, but he was also opposed to Hamilton’s government solutions because in his eyes he feared it would have influence over politicians and the people. In short, this was the first one many early examples of fierce and substantive partisanship in Washington. Lest we forget Burr and Hamilton’s hatred of one another than ended in a duel, leaving both men mortality wounded. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson remained bitter toward one another after the1801 election. So this so called “destructive partisan ranker” as they call it is as old as the republic herself.

The Jefferson Republicans were down right mean and they went full speed ahead after their opponents and they singled out John Adams. This is tradition in our politics, it’s called democracy at work. Calling Barack Obama a socialist or a liar when he’s clearly both is not uncivilized, it’s justifiable and it’s not uncommon. The way Alexander Hamilton ridiculed and embarrassed Aaron Burr at a dinner party makes today’s partisanship seem like two little girls fighting over a barbie doll, each girl grabbing on end of the doll and pulling it like tug of war. At least in today’s partisan battles they aren’t settled by the barrel of a gun.