The Bear Trap Has Been Set

And judging by sheer ineptitude of the Republican leadership in the House and Senate, coupled with the GOP’s willingness to appease the president, odds are Republicans will set foot right smack dab in the middle and get caught. If we’ve learned anything about Barack Obama it’s that he excelled at Saul Alinsky school of radical progressive politics. And I must say using Republicans ideas as a trap was his smartest decision yet.

Tax cuts, spending freezes, offshore drilling, nuclear power plants, all of these ideas usually come from the mouths of conservatives and Republicans. But last night Barack Obama laid them out in his state of the union speech. Now, for those of us who come from the other side, we understood what he was doing last night. You see one of the most effective tools used by the left is turning the other side’s argument and agenda against them, thus using it to call their bluff and diverting them from their focus and by therefore marginalizing them. Obama laid down the marker, he set the trap in the middle of Washington and he put some food, i.e Republican ideas in the middle of the trap. I suspect many GOP Senators will take the bait, especially Mitch McConnell who never struck me as a strong conservative nor a strong leader.

We all know what’s going on, at least I hope my conservative brothers and sisters know what’s going on. They won’t cut taxes, they won’t authorize any expansive drilling offshore nor will they develop plans for a massive natural gas pipeline project. Obama went back to his playbook, or David Plouffe’s playbook and he sounded moderate to cover himself, and making sure that if Republicans even think about speaking out he can not only blame them for the “lack of progress” but he can also come off looking like the innocent voice of reason while the anti-everything GOP wants nothing from him but absolute failure. That my friends was the most striking and fool-proof plan we’ve seen from this president since he took office. Ask yourself: Are the Democrats, who take money from the environmental groups, who by an overwhelming majority believe in the faux-science of global warming and make it a sport to bash big oil, are they really going to start the process of drilling off the coast of liberal California? Obama thinks we’re all fools, but we aren’t, the GOP leadership on the other hand well, they’re all fools, scared fools.

Notice Obama said the spending freeze will come in 2011. Also, notice he didn’t say anything about Social Security or Medicare, which are both do to go belly up in four years because of all the wasteful spending. Another thing I notice in the speech was Obama’s in and out tactic. He blamed the majority of the deficit on Bush, but claimed some of it himself which was fine, but then he tried to act as though he was the reason a so called “recovery” was at hand, which is a flat out lie. As my mom says, the man thinks he’s half [email protected]$ slick. We need to pay attention because this is Obama from the campaign, remember? He’s what every intelligent leftist throughout history has been: He’s the chameleon who changes color to fool the unsuspecting citizen. Ronald Reagan talked about this in 1976, he said Democrats run as conservatives and use conservative talking points to appeal to the mainstream, and then when office they revert to form because to them the ends justify the means.

We know what this is and I didn’t buy not one whiff of what he was trying to sell. The man is dishonest but smart in this aspect: He knows the independence are gullible and apathetic enough to be easily swayed by talking points which appeal to them. Obama knows that independence out number his base and the energized conservative opposition that is united ten fold against his agenda, tax cut or no tax cut. He knows conservatives won’t vote for him in 2012 so he had to put on the Obama from the campaign suit last night. He’s done this three times: During the campaign, his first month in office, and last night. His numbers will go up, the media will spin it and praise him as this liberal Ronald Reagan, of course Obama doesn’t have the broad scope of support that Reagan had even after the Democrats gained ground in 1982. All in all this was a strategy, not a plan. And as soon as those apathetic and gullible independents give him some breathing room, Obama will as Reagan said long ago, revert back to form.

You can’t cut taxes on small business and then turn around and raise taxes on those making 250,000 or more a year. You see most small businesses if ran correctly will eventually hit and surpass the 250,000 mark. So in effect he’s cutting their taxes supposedly, at the same time capping success. I mean, listen to the speech guys, the man basically said in so many words he’s going to control and cap success. At least that’s what I took from that tax cut contradiction.

So last night’s speech was a campaign speech basically. It wasn’t the proclamation of the end of big government or Reagan’s platform for growth. Obama recited focus words incoherently. All that was needed was the infamous Howard Dean yell: “We’re gonna cut taxes, drill for oil, build nuclear plants in Florida, then Indiana, then Ohio yaaaaaaaaaaaaah!