Does The Obama Administration Know How to Create Jobs? No, Do They Want to Create Jobs? Well That Depends

Word on the street is that the Obama state of the union address will boast an Obama “Spread the wealth” economic platform. As if his blunt force admission to Joe the Plumber didn’t cast him in a brighter socialist light, apparently Obama’s middle class relief plan will not only soak the so called rich (If you make 250,000 dollars or more you’re one rich bastard) an argument can be made, and with reason and confidence that this plan will further deepen the hole on the US economy. I would never wish pain upon my fellow Americans, but I’m afraid pain is what is coming, and pain is what we’ll have for the next three years. Grab a cup kiddies.

If this president wasn’t already economically illiterate, he was to go and raise taxes and slush the money around like he’s one of those giant spinning balls filled with money at the Shoe Carnival. The middle class is suppose to stand inside that ball and grab as much redistributed wealth as possible before Obama decides that we’re too rich and then spreads our money around to the people hanging from the rung of the ladder below us. Daddy Obama will take care of us by giving incentives to people so they can stop taking care of themselves. I’m convinced, this man wouldn’t know how to create a job if he attended a night school course called “Job Creation 101” Job Creation for Dummies w/CD included.

Or perhaps he just wants to extend the government scroll with the names of the middle class. His answer to sinking confidence, bad health care bills, and unpopular spending measures? More taxes, more spending, and a continued push for a bad health care bill. What possible good can come of such arrogant denial or reality itself?