Creatures Of Denial

One of the most common signs of addiction is denial. Often times a person might develop a sense of righteous indignation, or they’ll simply wave off any signs, no matter how apparent that they might very well be addicted to alcohol or drugs. In the case of Barack Obama and the Democrat Party to denial is so obvious and deep rooted one might assume their arrogance could lead to utter defeat not only in 2010 but in 2012, if the denial on the other hand weren’t so dangerously high throughout the party.

The result of last week’s special election in Massachusetts failed to knock sense in the Democrats. In fact, it only added to what was already an extreme case of egotism. They assumed, by they I mean the Democrats, assumed there was a message problem, or in Howard Dean’s case the Democrats weren’t going far left fast enough. I don’t know what it will take to remind the Democrats that they inherited a center right country along with a recession, two wars, and a fragile financial sector. But, I digress in my point, I’m afraid they’ve taken this point of calculation: “Salt+food=salty food, conclusion: More salt on food” . The fact of the matter is this: The country in my opinion anyway and this could change, the country is united and dead set against this progressive agenda. I don’t how many times you can say it, what different languages you can say it in, whether it’s written on the wall, inside a notebook, or on the foreheads of every Democrat in Washington, the country at large is rejecting your ideas, accept it and move on.

The media likes to use the Reagan rationale. They say Reagan had the same poll numbers and lost around 40 seats in 1982, as if to suggest that Reagan and Obama are on the same plateau philosophically, political, morally, and in terms of leadership. It’s basic math really when you breakdown the comparison: Reagan pushed tax cuts and less spending, Obama’s pushing more taxes, regulation, control of the banks, and more spending, and not to mention a transformation of 1/6 of our economy in the form of government health care. Obama is not Reagan alright? He’s not, not even close. When will the media accept the fact that Obama is nor was the candidate they made him out to be. He’s not the smartest guy to ever become president, he doesn’t have the highest IQ of any any president, and he’s not the leader they sold him as. What you have here is a case of bad product management and advertising. Barack Obama was a product, his campaign was the commercial, American bought this shiny new product and it broke the first year. It’s like buying a new salad shooter or cooking pan and them not working quite like the commercials said they would. Problem is we can’t get our refund because Obama is spent it on a miscalculated and politically motivated stimulus plan that created or saved jobs in places that don’t exist on the map of the United States.

I believe Obama is headed toward one and done. I think the country finally realized that this “razzle dazzle, hope and change” gimmick was exactly that, a gimmick. No president can govern simply on a feel good platform. Furthermore no president can forcefully move a country out of its comfort zone, especially if that country likes its comfort zone. And to suggest that our traditions are somehow flawed and antiquated is not only arrogant and regressive but it’s very dangerous and a rather hostile approach to the constitution and the Bill of Rights…barring they still come into consideration in the minds of Democrats and this president. I doubt it.