By Taxing Banks, Obama's Punishing You and Me

What’s the argument for the Democrats’ war on big everything, namely the banks? “Well, it’s not fair for the banks to make big profits while the little guy suffers” Well, it’s not fair to bail the banks out while the little guy suffers, you idiots. But I digress, this bailout orgy started under Bush and I believe these bailouts were a blessing in disguise for the progressive regulation happy wing of the Democrat Party now running our government. But far from the anger crowds of granola munchers and coastal leftist elites who have waged a lifelong war on success, there is something that even the most wide eyed drone must understand in the midst of their Marxist outcry: :“By Taxing Banks, Obama’s Punishing You and Me”, and here’s why:

There’s a reason why banks give out these so called obscene profits and payment packages to their employees. You see in a business, especially a large business that affects so many people, you need to make sure you have the best and brightest working for your bank and or your corporation. Now, I don’t subscribe to the Gordon Gecko motto of “Greed is Good” , I believe as moral and honest people we shouldn’t seek out success for the sake of success and wealth, but for honest reasons. However, if you worked hard all your life at something you’re good at, why shouldn’t you be greedy? I mean, to each his own, who are we to decide the intentions of another man.

As a libertarian I was against the bailouts, every last one of them. My philosophy is: If you fail, then you fail, why should we prop you up when you got yourself into a jam. But that doesn’t apply to big business and banks and car companies alone, but to anyone on Wall St. or Main St. You see, failure is good, it’s one of the natural stages in life that make us who we are as human beings. If god was so afraid that we couldn’t handle failure, then he wouldn’t have given us freewill. Now, outside of this website our liberal friends might ask: “But Matt, you’re an unemployed college student who lives with his mother, why are you sticking up for those greedy fat cats?” Well, unemployed as I may be, envy nor hate people with money, namely rich people I do not. I do however admire a man, any man who was willing to stick his neck out there and take a chance on a product or idea. After all, that’s what being American is all about. We take chances, it separates us from our European friends and from everyone else. It’s in our DNA, our favorite actors take risks, our sports figures, we’re a nation of risk takers and conquerors. Did we forget all of that?

The bailouts made us a nation of whiners and we’ve gotten ourselves in this child mode. We get upset over the actions on Wall  St. and we go stomping and crying to daddy Barack and yell and scream until he punishes the big bad bully banks for teasing us and holding us by our ankles until our life savings fall out our pockets. But at the same time, how many people on the left are as angry at the government for raising taxes or taking their hard earned money and using it to bribe other Senators and Congressmen? I mean, if Wall St. is so evil and greedy, what about government? Do we ever hear about the outrage over an expanding government spending what little money we have left in our piggy banks? Or are those who complain about the all too visible hand of the state just a bunch of right wing extremists who hate poor people and children?

Why is it that the only time liberals get upset at government is when government isn’t spending fast enough, isn’t destroying private industry fast enough, or aren’t usurping our freedoms fast enough? Can it be true, that liberals rather the chains of slavery than the fields of freedom? Are they that afraid of failure and the unpredictability of life itself? Surely we’ve evolved as a species to reason with life as to overcome its challenges….perhaps.

Democrat Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez was on Morning Joe and she talked about this issue of fairness. Democrats and this fairness stuff I gotta tell you it’s getting as old as the class warfare strategy they wear out every time they’re in power and every election cycle. Fairness in my estimate is never disparaging a man for his success, nor embracing him in his own self made misery, but allowing him to fall deep in darkness, for that man surely with the means to make a profit in the first place will find a way to make light so he can see. If the Dems want fairness then they will stop getting involved in the private sector. There has never been a more unfair system than that of regulations on banks and private industry. In effect, you erode the chain link that binds the banks to business, and business to the worker.

Not all business is bad business, but all government in business is bad for everyone. The Democrats need to embrace the private sector beyond the deals of campaign contributions. Do not take their money with one hand while smiting them with the other. Democrats are losing credibility with the class warfare argument because of movements like the Tea Parties. We conservatives and libertarians smell the dead body under the rug, we know government is to blame for all the problems we face as a nation today. Though it was the libertarians who saw it coming first, the rest of the people are now waking up to the fact that government is playing Wall St off of Main St, and moving to control both.