Democrats Getting Wrong Message From Scott Brown Victory in Mass.

Scott Brown’s victory last night had nothing to do with health care and everything to do with big government. Did you know that our most recent elections have been about “Big government versus Little government” Pitting two sides from two parties against each other, all the while both parties represent one side of the debate. The Democrat Party is the official party of the progressive big government movement of the 20th century. The Republican Party is the party of the big government conservative movement that started under George Bush. Both sides understand little of the history of government and the reason why big government should never be an option on the table.

The great patriot and founding father Samuel Bryan said it best of big centralized power: “A central government will become the interests of the well-born few, and moneyed tradition” Our current system is controlled by a consolidated mindset: “Big government versus Little Government”. The job of an elected official isn’t to argue for the growth or decrease of government, nor is it the job of an elected official to grow government. The job of an elected official is to maintain the institutes of government which are provided by the constitution in respect to the Bill of Rights and the rights of sovereign states. The Anti-Federalists were right perhaps, the moneyed few, i.e. FDR, Ted Kennedy, and other wealthy elite progressives on both sides have taken over. Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts though essential to the path back to our founding, it is yet a mere dot sized crater in the ballooning government prism over Washington. The Democrat response: “The people voted us out in Massachusetts because they want more government.” So when they vote more of you out next fall, that will be because of what, they wanted even more government?

We libertarians believe in ordered liberty, not ordered government. There is a difference though that term “ordered government” may have you scratching your head, I’ll explain. Ordered liberty is a society and a country with laws, and in those laws liberty is protected as is the people themselves. With “ordered government” you have a system where the state controls the people. The state coordinates the lives of the masses, in order to in that age old idea, “Save them from themselves” How compassionate…. The idea of ordered government comes from compassionate governance or as progressives put it: “social justice” But any justice that seeks to punish one group over the other in the name of fairness is neither fair not doing thine bidding of the noble. In fact an enforced compliance to order is tyranny. Laws aren’t tyrannical, but a mandated adherence to government, whether it’s health care, cap and trade, what have you, that my friends is tyranny.

Our system of laws and our constitution allows for such loopholes in liberty. The left argues that a promise of liberty cannot be fulfilled without a government enforcing those promises. One example is this health care mess. There are more mandates in the current health care bills than their are protections of freedom from usurpation. The bills offer nothing in the form of true reform, but instead it accomplishes two things: A long awaited self fulfilling achievement for the left, and a renegade persecution of the private health insurance industry. All the Scott Brown “Nay’s” in the world won’t surpass the flood eager disruption of our health care system. This Democrat Party and this president I believe know deep down the future is not bright, so they deal in the darkness, knowing their stay in Washington is at the mercy of time. The people are speaking and it’s clear they reject this progressive government agenda. Now the Democrats are just waiting anxiously while the big hand strikes the final hour of their political existence in power.

So we can rejoice and pat ourselves on the back, my conservative brethren need to look inward as well, for they have a big government agenda of their own. The Bush era of compassionate conservatism and its remnants are alive and well within the GOP. Defeating the likes of Lindsey Graham and Charlie Crist won’t rid the party of that philosophy. We must also confront our neo-conservative colleagues over the issues of Military adventurism, because that too is apart of the big government mass. Our founding fathers weren’t neoconservatives, in fact they were isolationists to an extent. In the case of George Washington and John Adams they were in the Ron Paul realm of foreign policy. I find myself moving toward that end of the spectrum as well.

I would address Democrats but I feel the relay would fall on deaf ears. They are committed to the agenda, and taking up residents in their state of denial makes those “We’re for the little guy” campaign gimmicks all for not. You can’t be for the little guy while stealing his liberty. One hand doesn’t control the other, so one may steal while the other shows a sign of compassion. Maybe the brain tells both hands to divert the innocent from the crime at hand. On the issue of pragmatism in this scattered and breathy post: I don’t believe a pragmatist is what the founders had in mind when they drafted the constitution. The constitution doesn’t call for a lukewarm commitment to upholding the guidelines of the document, but a firm and unwavering pledge to its oath. Would Thomas Jefferson who believed in violent rebellion be lumped in the same basket as Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh? Would he be a “Right wing nut?” Would the gun toting Hamilton be on the DHS watch list of right wing terrorism? After all he shot Aaron Burr.

What we need to do going forward is shrink government in a dramatic way. We need to enact true reforms that separate the private sector from the government, not link the two. The health care bill expands government while linking private insurance with a public system. Trust me there is a public option made up of parts that latch on to every provision and mandate like fleas on the back of a mangy dog. There is no need for a Trojan horse when you can simply spread a virus here and there to attack the current system. Every one of those mandates and provisions are like viruses that get into your computer and are hard to clean, resulting in the crash of your computer, or in this case the system as a whole.

In closing I support little government, not kinda sorta little government, or even a pragmatic government, but a government that is less and less the focal point of the civil society. Our elections must be about the elimination of the big government option. If that were the case on the table, then Alexander Hamilton’s idea of a Monarchy would have been more widely supported, it wasn’t. Although, I look at Washington and I’m not so sure we can give a great distinction between the halls of the halls of the British Empire and that of the monuments in Washington. If Samuel Bryan were alive today he’d played the role of the old coot. In the movies the old coot usually turns out to be right about all the things he so incoherently rambled on about.