What's The Alternative?

Many progressives in the media and in the Democrat Party are all hot and bothered about this health care debacle, and it has them asking each other, “What are the alternatives if the current health care non bill bill ultimately fails?” Well, I think the progressives need to stop asking that question in the context of what would happen if a nuclear warhead misses the football field size asteroid headed toward earth, and instead take that question and apply it to the proper context of true, reasonable, libertarian reform.

The alternatives to a Trojan horse health care plan are quite simple and highly effective. Are they perfect? No, but the whole point of reform is to make gradual steps toward a more perfect system, not one giant leap toward the confines of the ever so desirable progressive Utopia. The Utopia doesn’t exist, it never has, and when tried throughout history it failed or transformed into a diabolical system of soft and or hard tyrannies.

One of my favorite examples of reform would be to reform medicaid and medicare. You all know my stance on these two programs, I want to ultimately see them outsourced from our system, but I tend to believe like Barry Goldwater that you cant simply pull the rug out from under our seniors and expect them to sustain a quality of life they rightfully deserve. Instead we need policies focused on drawing down medicare but we also need a plan b that doesn’t call for an expansion of government and tax dollars.

We also need to secure S-CHIP for children. I actually support this program because obviously children cant buy their own health care, but I would only allow this program to be used for low income children whose parents make around 17,000 a year, and I would let parents choose whether or not they want to enroll their child into the S-CHIP program. However I wouldn’t allow illegal immigrant children nor illegal immigrants or pregnant women to enroll in the program like they can since Obama signed the ACT back into law after Bush  vetoed plans to expand it.

Some other alternatives to the current nonexistent existing bill would be portability, a tax credit for people to buy their own insurance, a law one law mind you that no private company shall deny anyone coverage for pre-existing conditions and in exchange those insurance companies would receive tax credits and less regulatory guidelines that currently choke the industry.

I would also reform COBRA , eliminate illegal immigrant loopholes because that causes waste in the system, because we are providing coverage for people who came here illegally and citizens of this country have to pay out of their pockets to fun illegal immigrant who receive medical attention.

Lastly I would cut taxes, about 45% depending on income. For example the upper class would get a 45% tax cut on all earnings, I would eliminate the death tax and I would cut taxes for the middle and lower class about 25-35 %. We also need to look at the strong possibility of health savings accounts.

Now, some of these ideas of reform read like big government conservatism, but its not. The point is to draw down government programs and allow Americans to keep more of what they earn and to encourage them to use that money on something they will need later on. You don’t want to force them to buy something they may not need or can afford right now, but instead you want to promote the foundations of health care sustainability down the road, especially for young people when they get older.

A basic, yet effective and focused structure of reform is needed, not some Utopian Christmas list for all the progressives who have dreamed of socialized medicine since they could say the phrase “To each according to his need, to each according to his ability”