The Worst Kind Of Republican

I wrote a while back about the direction the GOP needs to take going forward. As a former Democrat and former progressive I laid the foundation based on my experiences long ago and the danger I saw whenever principles and integrity were compromised in the name of party and power. Right now in the GOP we have talking heads, who sit on their self righteous high horse inside the beltway and proceed to try and lecture  a party they claim they don’t represent, yet they want to tell us how we should conduct ourselves within a party they claim they don’t belong to…..yeah

Friends, the worst kind of Republican is one that talks from both sides of his or her mouth. They always have a heaping pile of criticism to lob at the rest of us, yet when it’s time to rebuild the house that collapsed under the weight of bad leaders and bad elections, those who talk down to us don’t want to be bothered with the arduous task of rebuilding that house from its foundation upward. They all sing the same old songs, and they act like the answer lies within their fingertips, that is, until their way doesn’t work, they place blame on others.

Now, John McCain was a moderate Republican. He was our candidate last year, and he lost. And yet, you have the faux conservatives saying that we need to moderate the party, we need to run centrists as our presidential candidates. Folks, it’s like these people slept through moments in our history that debunk these arrogant assumptions. We had a centrist candidate who pissed his party off and appeased Democrats, his name was John McCain and he was one of the worst and most ineffective candidates since Bob Dole.

It’s not a matter of these faux conservatives realizing that moderates typically can’t win elections because they’re not willing to run on solid principles because these same folks usually act within a state of utter denial. You have that two faced Joe Scarborough who kisses liberal ass like it’s solid ground and he was lost at sea for ten years. All he does is slam Sarah Palin and other solid conservatives as narrow minded and regressive because they aren’t willing to accommodate Democrats and they aren’t afraid to criticize Barack Obama.

Scarborough was on that trip where a few beltway Republicans defended Obama because deep down they knew he was a leftist, but they refused to acknowledge the fact that he was. I remember when David Brooks kept trying to make the argument that Obama was a centrist and a pragmatist even when Obama did something or signed a bill that was way far left.

I want to ask these Republicans: When has Obama ever done something remotely pragmatic or centrist since he’s been in office? And then they say: “Well, you know by all accounts Reagan wouldn’t be a Republican or a conservative by today’s standards” That little greasy haired troll Donny Douche said Reagan wouldn’t be a Republican today because he wasn’t a conservative. Let me tell you something you 5 foot trash can, Reagan was the most ideological president in history. He was the most conservative president since Calvin Coolidge, and he wasn’t some moderately tempered politician who compromised his principles in order to win favor with left wing Democrats like Tip O’ Neill.

Reagan was a conservative, pure and simple. He promoted conservatism in an unapologetic way, but he did so with a smile. But that smile didn’t make him any less conservative, nor did his optimistic nature. You see, these losers like Kathleen Parker and Joe Scarborough want you to think that conservatives are angry white folks from the south, caged in their ideology therefore they aren’t inclusive or open to other points of view. And if god forbid you support a pro-life cause in American society or for heaven’s sake oppose gay marriage, oh well then you’re a bible thumping wing nut from the backwoods.

They play right into the hands of the liberal media and every single time like clock work they’re on some NBC or CNN show apologizing for conservatism. They create scapegoats by smearing Palin and they want us to view them as some sort of voice in our party? You know what, if you want to help lead this party in some way, first you have to stop disassociating yourself  when it looks like the political waters might be rough, and when the party bounces back you run to embrace us like nothing ever happened *cough* Mike Murphy.

Don’t become another Mark McKennan or Steve Schmidt. Those guys lack integrity. We have to seer clear of the beltway Republicans and the Republican strategists from the Bush years. They don’t operate in terms of principle or honesty, they only care about power and gaining more of it. They aren’t motivated by the constitution or the values of this country, but by the prospects of consolidating control in Washington. Their end game is to increase their own standing and we don’t need people like that telling us what to do and we don’t need people like that in our party.

So, I could care less what that talking chin Scarborough and that tart Kathleen Parker has to say. I guess it’s envy, maybe some resentment because the party trusts and supports Sarah Palin and actually listens to what she has to say, as oppose to following the misguided advice of the pseudo-conservatives. Just a thought.

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