No No, It Was 300 Million, Not 100 Million

Let’s set the record straight here, Mary Landreiu received a 300 million dollar bribe for her vote to move the health care bill to the floor for debate, not 100 million. Yeah, and John Gotti was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder, not actual murder ya see.

There’s a difference, at least in this bizarro America between the amount a bribe actually is, not the bribe itself. But we must keep in mind the arrogance of criminals, and to what degree that arrogance serves in their eventual down fall.

I’ll make this short, but insightful and sweet. When you have a room full of crooks, disloyalty and dishonesty, greed festers and begins to spread to the brain like cancer. You have hands standing outside the door of Harry Reid’s office, a line stretching from one end of Washington to the other. All those hands sticking out, sweaty, cold, shriveled hands attached the arms of desperate and unethical people who lack the integrity of a man who slept with a drunken girl he didn’t know, and when she calls him to tell him she’s pregnant, but he tells her he pulled out and then hangs the phone up. Yes, even such a douche like the one in my detailed example has more integrity lining the veins of his Johnson than the Senators stealing from us with a wink and a nod.

Am I such a naive person to believe in truth and justice? Am I so tainted with the spirit of simple men who once laid foundations of what we now called the greatest country god gave man, that I actually believe in this thing called honesty and integrity.

The cost of their soul is 300 million, at least for Senator Landreiu. I wonder what it will cost for Ben Nelson, or Blanche Lincoln. How can they call themselves fiscally conservative when they willingly take money under the table? Your money to be exact.

Blue Dog Democrats are liberal Democrats who were somehow elected in Red States. They aren’t conservative, or independent because when it comes down to walking the walk, they walk forward straight off the plank into the ocean, and they become fish food.

The Blue Dogs are nothing but a bunch of p*ssies who at the end of the day will crawl on hands and knees toward the party line and vote to save their own [email protected] I have no more respect to dole out, as do I have not one penny left to spare, kind sir. If this bill should pass, I will not buy health care, I will not pay the fine, jail me, and you better put me underneath the foundation of the prison.

We’ll make our stand in the form of a collective tax revolt. They can’t put 7,500,000 people in prison. They’ll try of course, believe you me arrogance can turn people into tyrants.

But of course we’re already baring witness to the end result of arrogance run amok.

When people talk about, you know people on our side who claim to have the key to this supposed revival, when they talk about being civil and you know don’t call Barack Obama a socialist and, you know don’t criticize the health care plan because we don’t want to be seen as derailing a historic moment, you know I get sick of these people because they act like we’re angry for no reason. They act like this sense of anxiety and fear, and frustration is some spontaneous act. These are the same people who supported Obama behind the scenes. You know the David Brooks, David Frums, the uh, Kathleen Parkers, and Joe Scarboroughs of the world who liked Obama and probably voted for him because they were to cowardly to stand side by side with the Republicans who made the mess during the Bush years.

And I know this is off topic but, you know these suit and tie Republicans and in the case of Ms. Parker and Peggy Noonan, these Sex in the City Republicans apologized again and again to the liberal media for conservatism and the movement. They tried to act as though they had nothing to do with the actions of the GOP over the last eight years, even though they were the ones who lined the pockets of the same people who damn near destroyed the economy.

When it was cool to be a Reaganite, they were right up there smiling and laughing in Reagan’s face, all claiming to be Reagan conservatives. Of course now they try to moderate Reagan, but they know damn well Reagan wouldn’t support what Obama and the Democrats are trying do. And he wouldn’t play the moral relativist role and try to as David Frum said, “cut a deal”. Reagan would speak out against this act of unconstitutionality and he would try everything he could to defeat it.

But no, we need to cut deals and concede ground in order to moderate these policies. I’ve never heard such cowardly bull in my life. Here I am, a former Marxist Democrat showing more pride in my new conservative brothers and sisters than the so called conservatives.

But let me tell you it’s always the former Democrats who show the most intellectual evidence to why this must be stopped. We’re the ones who always cover the conservatives who actually believe in the movement and who are willing to put themselves on the line in order to preserve the nation and the freedoms we cherish. History shows us this matinee every single time, and sure as time moves forward conservatives  step out in front of the tank, while the same old characters seek compromise with the driver.

Time and time again I heard Brooks and Frum talk about “Well, the president means well you know, we as Republicans need to cut a deal. We should accommodate him and hope he succeeds, because you know, everyone wants him to succeed.”

No, we need to defeat him. We need to go at him like Derrick Thomas went after quarterbacks every Sunday for ten years. But these actions aren’t made out of a personal hatred toward president Obama. No one here hates this man on a personal level, nor do we despise him because he’s a minority. We’re talking 200 some odd years of an experiment that actually worked, and the Democrats want to ruin 200 years of history as if it never existed in the first place.

They have a tendency to place markers at random points in time, and pretend the nation was founded at that point in which the marker stands. This obsession with the last eight years, and beginning every argument, every policy with “The Last eight years” or, “The Bush administration” or they just play the “We inherited” card like it was going out of style.

I can’t take this anymore I really can’t. I’m sick and tired of irresponsible people who are so arrogant and so oblivious to history itself they would actually risk the financial security of this nation because they’re so contemptuous with our founding.

That’s all I got to say about that. I won’t be contributing much to Red State anymore because of other projects, but dammit, I see two scenarios that which have created two Americans. I can easily picture either coming true.