Conscience of a Libertarian

We libertarians are often seen as out of the mainstream, pot smokers and isolationists. Well, as a libertarian I can firmly speak for those of us who believe in a strong national defense without the sudden urges of adventurism on foreign soil. Now, we’re constitutionalists and we believe in common defense, self preservation and such. Furthermore, we do not believe in an America or a society for that matter where drugs are the discretion of our youth. Our version of the civil society reflects that of our founding fathers. But I digress from those topics, I have not come to argue for libertarianism.

But on that other topic, the founding fathers. James Madison said “A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” We’ve made the most crucial error in a people’s relationship to their government. We’ve allowed ourselves to relinquish full trust and loyalty to our elected officials in Washington. And without pause we now expect of them what they cannot do, have not done, and aren’t allowed to do according to the constitution of the United States.

This health care matter, is one example of a people’s willingness to put literally, their lives and their welfare in the hands of what Ronald Reagan called a little intellectual elite in a far distant capital. Yes, we all know the majority of Americans oppose these measures, but it is far too late for opposition, when the flood gates were opened decades ago. This, sudden rush to judgment by our elected officials to transform and thus interrupt without validity our health care system comes from their notion that the people they serve want government in their lives.

Whether it’s food stamp programs, the welfare state, the Fannie and Freddie institutions, or Medicaid, Social Security, and Medicare before them. For some odd reason, call it dependency, the people settled for these alien programs because we were told they were needed for the benefit of all humanity here in the United States. And now when you talk serious reform the first objection you get is from a senior telling you not to touch their Medicare. Some of the worst ideas to arise from the 20th century were the entitlement programs of FDR and Lyndon Johnson. They create in essence a culture of dependency and need.

You now have people who are willing to game the system in order to gain access to health care and financial assistance they don’t need, and when you speak out against these programs Democrats and their progressive allies call you racist and heartless. They accuse you of racism and discrimination because you oppose the welfare state in black America, they say you hate children and would rather see them die because you want to reform S-CHIP.

But we all know this is nothing more than a play on the natural instincts of Americans, which a caring one. The left successfully exploited the good nature of the American people in order to pass some of the most regressive policies known to man. But I sense an awakening and I’ll get to that in a second.

I want to talk about honesty, and integrity. As libertarians you must possess a foundation of both traits. The reason being our constitution was created on the idea that both honesty and integrity should be the only components needed to preserve it. Without honesty you cannot defeat tyranny, without integrity you cannot root out corruption.

Senator Harry Reid from Nevada bribed Senator Marry Landreiu of Louisiana. He had to bribe his fellow Democrat in order to gain her support for the health care bill. Now, if you have to bribe someone for their support, then perhaps this bill shouldn’t be passed in the first place. Moreover, when I heard about this on the radio I got physically ill, and I’m not kidding. It sent me into this state of frustration and doubt. For the first time since my progressive days, I wasn’t proud of my country.

So the question is, “Are we living underneath the umbrella of a soft tyranny?”, as our conservative friend Mark Levin likes to say, perhaps. Are we living in a state of contradiction? Most definitely.

The contradiction between the constitution and those who impose on us a free people, the alien system in which they believe will lead to a Utopia here on earth is now more than ever, a distinct and apparent one. Their idea of a perfect system, is naive as it is dangerous; and would be comical if it weren’t so serious and a threat to our liberty.

But if we go back to what Madison said of knowledge in the face of power, the people are becoming more aware but I’m afraid if they do pass this bill the people will accept it, thus accepting their own defeat. We can talk about slave masters and the shackles of oppression, but it’s more than that. There are lives at stake here.  Our grandparents, our mothers, wives, children. The government has already started telling women to hold off on their annual mammograms and now they want women to delay their cervical cancer screenings. Is this a preview of what it to come? They say it has nothing to do with the government or the current administration, but it was the president himself who said instead of a pacemaker, take a pill and lay down.

Well, to all you women out there, don’t get your annual breast cancer or cervical cancer screening. Just take a pill, lay down, and call Dr. Obama in the morning.

The war against the constitution is underway, and a tough fight is at hand. But we must realize that we hold have a much larger majority than the one in Congress. If they pass this bill, we must throw them out with the garbage. Sending a message in 2010 will not only put those Democrats who by the grace of god dodge certain political execution, but it will also derail Barack Obama’s agenda.