The GOP's Women Deficit

Today I did my end of the week round of the beltway Sunday shows because I like to analyze the comments made by not only the guests on these shows but the shows’ regulars or Sunday panel if you will. On “This Week” with George Stephenoupolus they were talking about Sarah Palin and her upcoming book ‘Going Rogue’. Now, before I proceed, yes I am a Palin fan, not I’m not a Palinite, there’s a difference between the two. Anyway, they were talking about the book and Palin in general when conservative apologist and Canadian reject David Brooks of the New York Times called Palin quote, “A joke”. “She’s a joke” he said with an annoying smile on his face, George Will, a man who I respect and often appreciate for the intellectual drubbing he gives liberals offered no defense for Palin other than to dismiss her without actually being dismissive and rude, unlike Brooks who all but gave Barack Obama oral sex when describing his support for the president on Charlie Rose in the likeness of a sixteen year old girl’s fanaticism for Zach Efron….or a Motley Crue groupie back stage at their Dr. Feel Good tour.

I agree with some in our party that Palin needs to hone her policy craft, but I can’t help but to notice this all too familiar position by the figureheads in the GOP, which by the way are all men. Now, am I some radical feminist, obviously not, I’m a guy. But do I sense this tendency by the “Grand Old Party for White Men to sort of dismiss their female colleagues like Sarah Palin, yes, yes I do.

Then again, many of you might ask: “Well what about Michele Bachman?, She’s never been dismissed by her male colleagues in the House.” Well, true, and untrue, for example instead of defending the outspoken conservative women like Palin, Anne Coulter, Bachman and others, more often than not so called leaders like Eric Cantor, Newt Gingrich have to distance themselves, and when asked if Palin in particular could be the GOP nominee for president, they give these sort of dismissive without being dismissive, kinda sorta well, she’s interesting, well you know, sort of dodge the question answer without actually answering the questions sort of answers, which makes them look “mainstream” and makes Palin seem like a far out there right winger on the fringe of the GOP, which is an inaccurate characterization.

You don’t have to agree with Palin, that goes for conservatives, but when your own is being trashed by the left, you have an obligation as not only a Republican but as a proud conservative to defend him or her, period. But unfortunately, when it’s one of your own doing the bashing well, you won’t find many in the GOP who are willing to defend her. And that my friends is sad. In our search for power, we must not search for power just to regain power, but to regain the principled and moral ground. Sarah Palin may be unpolished, quirky, “Podunk” and highly unorthodox, but she’s a principled, moral, and honest woman, and that’s something this Grand Old Party needs, honesty, principles, and morals. Newt Gingrich stands to learn a thing or two about morality. As for Mr. Brooks and the swarm of beltway journalists and pundits who claim to have all the answers to what ails the party: We tried your way, it failed twice (1996, 2008) and even when it succeeded (2002, 2004 with G.W. Bush) look where it got us, and who it drove to the White House. I rest my case.