What Exactly Is A Wing Nut?

I’ve heard this knock at the so called “far right” being thrown around by liberals. This term, “wing nut”. For example, Chris Matthews called former congressional candidate Doug Hoffman a quote, “wing nut”. And, it annoyed me but most of all it confused me, especially Matthews’ criteria on what constitutes one to be a wing nut. According to Chris those who fear government, and have feared government for quote 30 or 40 years…whatever that means. He also equated a skepticism and fear of government with black helicopters? I don’t know folks…

Liberals really don’t understand liberty, and this only proves my point. I mean they would literally hand over their rights in the name of the state. For Chris Matthews to condescendingly paint anti-big government, not anti-government, but anti-big government conservatives as this group of deranged conspiracy theorists shows you the level of disconnect between people like Matthews’ and their brains.

So I starting thinking to myself: I wonder what liberals would think of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington? George Washington famously said of government: “It is like fire.” Thomas Jefferson was often described as a borderline anarchist because he so mistrusted government. He said government is best when it governs the least because the people can govern themselves. What about that seems crazy or out of the mainstream? Now, one can blame this twisted view of our founding principles on the left, or the government programs that are slowly destroying the foundations of our constitution and our liberty.

In my opinion, conservatives are to blame as well. They failed to make the argument stick. Sure, Reagan ushered in a conservative movement that started with his mentor Barry Goldwater. But those who came after Reagan failed to push forward, and instead ran on his conservatism as oppose to spreading their own conservative values. In the case of both George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, it would have helped if they were conservatives in the first place; but they weren’t.

John McCain, service aside, heroics aside, the man is about as conservative politically as Barack Obama. During the ’08 election McCain was out of step, disconnected with reality, and to me it felt as though McCain didn’t want to be the one who defeated the first African American candidate who had a strong shot at winning the White House. You see McCain’s political correct tendencies, often advertised as a warm hearted and wise nature by those on the left who have gained from his appeasement caged him during the election. He dodged questions about Obama’s political background like a dead beat dad dodges child support. Was he a weak candidate? Who knows, I didn’t think he was, but he sure acted like he didn’t really want to be president in the first place. In fact, McCain was a default nominee. The other guys were so bad the voters basically made the decision you make when you’re trying to decide between the last four people left when you’re picking teams for dodge ball.

But back to the whole wing nut issue. So let me get this straight: If you, believe that government ought not be trusted, if you believe government should be efficient, honest, but small in scope and never intrude in the lives of the citizens, if you believe that states rights and sovereignty are important, if you believe in American culture and reject this idea of multiculturalism that leads to eventual Balkanization, if you believe in strong border security and immigration laws, if you believe in strong national defense, and a strong footing in the war on terror, if you believe in the constitution as the concrete law of the land and not as some living and breathing document left to the irresponsible discretion of elected politicians to change as they see fit, and finally if you believe that citizens are individuals and should have the freedom to work for anything they want out of life, and that the government ought not stifle that freedom..that makes you a wing nut? Do I have that right?

So if you believe in government, if you believe in compromised liberty, confiscated wealth, collectivism, Balkanization, secular progressivism, and appeasement, you’re a normal patriotic American with his or her head on straight?

I can tell you with great confidence, our founding fathers would be ridiculed daily for what they believe and what they would say about our government. No they would not support Barack Obama because they would see him for what he is. They wouldn’t support socialized medicine of any form, Medicare, Medicaid, S-CHIP, COBRA, any form, because they’re the ones who put that little “General Well fare” clause in the constitution, so you know, they would have the correct interpretation of it. They understood limited freedoms and the denial of individual liberty because they lived it. And so are we. Hey, I’m not a conservative politically, but I am one socially. Politically I’m a libertarian but I take it the left doesn’t know the difference so I would be labeled a wing nut along with you.

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