No Pale Pastels:Conservatism Returns

I want everyone to listen carefully: “The GOP isn’t falling apart” Though that seems to be the running gag on throughout every media outlet and it just shows you how shallow the brain depth is inside the beltway. Look, this tent, this legendary or mythical tent everyone keeps talking about, it’s not real. I don’t care what Reagan talked about, the man knew deep down in his heart that conservatism and unshakable conservative principles, not stubborn ideology would triumph over wish washy indecisive centrism.

It’s like our GOP leaders in Washington have a case of memory loss, or at least selective memory loss. Reagan was a conservative, not a moderate but he was able to explain conservatism in a way that prevented the media and others from defining or defaming conservative principles and philosophy. These elections, specifically the one being held in the 23rd District in New York aren’t  anti-moderate Republican free for all’s, but instead, or at least in my opinion an awakening of true conservative leaders who want to lead the party, and the movement, not control it and purge it of those who fail their litmus test.

Everyone here agrees that a party of diverse views is a strong party, but a party with strong principles as its foundation, along with diverse views and candidates is a party that lasts until the end of time. We don’t want to kick out moderates because we hate them or because we have contempt for them, but make no mistake, if you don’t abide by the constitution, and the principles of this party you will be challenged and defeated. We want the Chrissy Todd Whitman’s, and the Olympia Snowe’s and all the other Republican moderates from the northeast. But what we’re trying to tell you moderates is simply this: “Our leaders, our principles, and our messengers will be conservative and libertarian, because history tells us that solid conservative principles work, and those principles and values are best when the country needs a leader whose vision is clear, coherent, and unique.

This election has many themes, one of which: “This party will go back to its founding, whether the Washington suit and tie gang like it or not” We libertarians who fight under the flag of the Elephant alongside our conservative brothers and sisters do so as skeptics of the party, but admirers and believers in the conservative movement. We feel for the right because we know all too well the condescending jeers and comments about how nutty and fringe libertarians are. We’ve heard one too many pot jokes and we wear the “Conspiracy theorist” label like a badge of honor. Why just today I could of sworn I saw a black helicopter, probably taking Obama the trans-nationalist to a summit at the UN, and you know how much we libertarians hate the UN.

So ignore the media theme, they’re trying to cause mischief. And a lot of Republicans who were so quick to apologize for conservatism, endorse Obama, and indict Bush will come running back when the GOP and Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman sweep tonight’s elections in New York, New Jersey, and Virginia.

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