Public Enemies

Fox News has successfully accomplished something no other news organization could (or wanted to): They made the Obama administration’s enemies list. Yes yes folks, the Fox News channel, or “Fixed” News as Keith Olberman likes to say is public enemy #1 and the word has gone out to all the news networks, both cable and local, that Fox News is now considered an arm of the RNC, and therefore shouldn’t be seen as a news outlet because they constantly distort the facts, lie about the administration, smear the president, and treat administration officials unfairly.

You know, this would be funny as hell if it weren’t so unconstitutional and dangerous. Fox News is being attacked because they do their job. Are there hosts on that channel who dislike president Obama? Sure, but do they dislike him or his policies? One could argue that Sean Hannity and Glen Beck would support Barack Obama if he were a conservative, so you can throw the idea of personal hatred out the window. But this latest ploy by the administration to rally their hapless and pathetic followers is yet another example of the Obama camp’s thin skinned politically machine. And what of that machine? What happened to the politically savvy, in touch, well connected organization that used the internet like it’s third arm? What happened to this next-gen, advanced well oiled machine that took down the greatest political machine in American politics, I speak of the Clinton machine of course.

They handled the Clinton’s’ like Florida handled Charleston St. And yet they have trouble with Sean Hannity and Glen Beck? Hardly two men with any influence, I mean as far as the middle of the country is concerned, beyond their loyalist conservative listeners, these guys have nil in terms influence on the country. And yet, we’re suppose to believe that these two men are almighty harbingers of the political power of persuasion? Something doesn’t sit right with me.

I believe strongly in the 1st amendment and the freedom of the press. Both in this case are under siege and we need to call the administration on this Chavez like act. You see Hugo Chavez would often ridicule and embarrass a media outlet that openly criticized his agenda and asked him tough questions during his weekly press conferences….(sound familiar?)

This obsession with Fox News ought not be swept under the rug or dismissed as some petty quarrel between the administration and a news network. This is serious because there are people in this administration who take these fair criticisms as personal slights and they’ll resort to radical means to shut them up.

But I’m also curious as to why the administration doesn’t seem to have a beef with MSNBC or NBC, or even CBS (rhetorical of course) After all they push an agenda, distort facts, smeared a president, and in some cases they neglect facts altogether, let alone twist them. But there is a distinct difference between MSNBC and Fox News, set aside the brutal reality of Fox News dominating MSNBC and CNN in every category every night like it’s first and second nature to them. On MSNBC one host gets tingly feelings and a thrill up his leg when the president speaks, one host on Fox has the “Stop Obamacare Express”

On MSNBC one host, well all of them actually,  bash Republicans, accuse them of wanting the president to quote “get shot” or, accuse them of being racist. The hosts on MSNBC call Americans who disagree with the president, “Teabaggers” which is a term used to describe a homosexual sex act.

I guess you could say Fox has some skeptics but so does MSNBC. For example, they have something on MSNBC called the “Sarah Palin Chronicles” where they basically report on everything Sarah Palin, from her resignation as governor of Alaska to what kind of food she ate. Not only that but MSNBC led the way when the media firing squad took aim at Palin during the campaign. David Schuster of MSNBC failed television show host fame once referred to Palin as an idiot. So, can Sarah Palin then accused MSNBC and David Schuster of stalking because they talk about her all the time and devote a segment to her? Fox doesn’t have a segment called “The Barack Files” do they?

See, MSNBC is promoting an agenda, the president’s agenda. As long as they continue to attack Republicans, tea party protesters, Sarah Palin or whomever so dares to criticize the massive spending, health care overhaul, or any other regressive left wing policy of Barack Obama, they’re going to be targeted, marginalized, and hung out to dry. Get me?

So this really looks like a Hugo Chavez move. And Obama wants to make sure he looks above it all, even though he’s ordering the hit. So the attacks on Fox News will go on, it’s the highest rated news channel in the country right now and you know that comes with the territory. I just don’t know why they seem so surprised. That’s my only criticism of Fox, the fact that they seem so caught off guard knowing the type of people they have on their (all two of them) and the fact that they actually report news and not talking points or manufactured events from the White House communications department.

But is Fox News the last line of 1st amendment defense? Are they the example, or the first in many victims? What about Town Hall, News Busters, National Review, Chimpy’s Republican Revolution, the PUMA blog site, Republican leaning and conservative Facebook groups, people who subscribe to conservative magazines, the entire southern region of the United States, the RNC, 45% of the American people, Hillsdale College, Texas A&M, Rockford College, conservatives in Hollywood like Dennis Miller, talk radio, 90% of country clubs in America, the church, the health insurance industry, American business, the Chamber of Commerce, Red State, and me. Everyone I named at one point criticized Barack Obama’s policies. So are they going to marginalize them and attack them too? And when does it stop? How far does this game go?

When some Democrats step out of line, will they be attacked? Are they going to shut us all down for exercising our constitutional and god given right? Freedom of press my conservative hooligans, is a precious right, though the press was hated by our founding fathers they understood the importance of a press bound not by the chains nor strangled by the coils of government. This administration doesn’t seem to get the relationship between the press and the state. You’re not supposed to use media outlets as your propaganda toilet Mr. Obama.

But this time I think he and his Mao loving advisers want to take a huge brown cloud on the constitution. They have been so far, what would make them stop now?