Rush Derangement Syndrome

I’m going to go out on a limb here, and I’d say hm, about 75% of you listen to Rush Limbaugh and consider yourself a fan of his show.

Now, I’m not a fan of Rush, I don’t listen to his show, I don’t agree with him on a majority of issues. In fact I think Rush is a pretty radioactive guy because he says such stupid things and he’s apart of the old corporate conservatism that rose with Ronald Reagan in the 80’s.

That being said, this dust up, involving Rush’s intentions or interest in becoming a minority owner of the Saint Louis Rams with Saint Louis Blues owner Dave Checketts has African American community leaders, all two of them (Al and Jesse), the liberal media (white guilt and all), and some NFL owners outraged at the very thought of Limbaugh owning an NFL team. But is it the idea of Limbaugh owning an NFL team or the idea of Limbaugh owning a team where the majority of its players are African American? I mean think about it: Rush Limbaugh would be a minority owner, get it?

Some have suggested that this is the ultimate power grab for Rush because he would have some sort of dominion over these players, which is unlikely and untrue. Again, a minority owner of any franchise, sports team by definition owns a very small fragment of the team. They make no decisions nor do they have a say in any decisions made by the majority owner or owners. And also, Rush is more of an investment partner and Checketts was the majority guy.

And here’s another thing: Do any of the outraged masses think Jerry Jones is some progressive zealot who donated millions to Obama’s campaign, like say Art Rooney? In fact, more than half of the owners in the NFL are right leaning friends of Bush. Rush wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb around these guys, he’d be among friends.

So now that I’ve laid the foundations of rebuttal, let me tell you what this is really about.

This all boils down to one simple thing: “RESENTMENT”

A lot of lefties hate Rush Limbaugh, not because he’s Rush Limbaugh, but because he’s Rush Limbaugh one of the most popular and successful radio voices in America today. This contempt for Rush is fueled by a string of failed liberal radio hosts who have yet to find their progressive Rush Limbaugh. Someone who infuriates the right the way Rush infuriates the left. And for the most part, or should I say completely, liberal radio failed in America. The people don’t want liberalism on the AM/FM dials when they can simply turn on any news channel, Hollywood show, internet media site or pick up a newspaper to get the liberal talking points. In reality liberalism surrounds us in terms of our culture, our media outside of radio, and our newspaper and internet.

The question I have yet to answer is why the left feels so compelled to hate the one media outlet they failed to conquer and infest. Radio domination eluded the left like the Stanley Cup eluded Ray Bourque for twenty years, until he won it with Colorado in 2001. But is this a matter of arrogance, greed, or dominion? Is the internet, print media, and network news enough for the left to control? Add Hollywood, the music industry, academia, the arts, science, you have an army of left wing propagandist arms, and yet this single conservative refuge called talk radio destroys such a force, why?

Same reason Bill Press railed and called for the reemergence of the Fairness Doctrine. Press said it wasn’t fair, the conservatives own the airwaves, they have a monopoly on radio, we need to level the playing field. Press and others like him on the left  are living in the world of hypocrisy. They claim on one hand that this so called right wing monopoly of the airwaves suppresses free speech, yet he wants to reintroduce a measure that is absolutely anti-1st amendment because his first amendment rights are in danger because his ratings aren’t as good as Michael Savage’s ratings or Glen Beck’s ratings.

Rush is the big Denali, he’s the white whale Ahab so passionately hunted until he became a mad man. The left is hunting Rush like mad men. Mad men possessed with contempt and jealousy because the one area in which they failed to infiltrate, it just so happens the right succeeded to no end.

So as I stated before, I’m no fan of Rush, but I respect what he’s all about, that is in terms of his principles. Though he don’t agree on very much, and I’ve always considered him a good old boy blow hard, Rush says what others think, but are too afraid to say it, and I can get on board with someone who isn’t shaken by liberal outrage and McCarthyism.

But let it be clear, if liberals don’t want Rush Limbaugh to be a minority owner of the Saint Louis Rams, give us a valid reason other than the fact that he’s Rush Limbaugh and maybe you might have some support for your selective and deep seeded outrage. Being the most popular and well known radio host in America who happens to be a conservative isn’t enough to drive such pens to sign the boycott of Rush.