Thin Skin Deep

I’m not one to state the obvious over and over again, but the left in America has some of the thinnest skin I’ve seen in my entire 22 years on this dear earth. Today, after the good people of Rio were awarded the 2016 Olympic games, and of course at the expensive of Chicago who was eliminated in the first round of voting, we found out just how aloof and disconnected from reason and reality progressives and their allies are. No one has a sense of humor anymore, nor a clear coherent vision of first priority, and that my dear conservative friends is tragic, among other things.

And after the fall of mount Barack, after the reality check, chin checked him, even when the media and the Democrats in this country stand their with eggs Benedict all over their faces, what do they do? Well, they resort to a tactic longed revered by the left: They blame someone other than themselves for what happened.

The left blamed everyone from George Bush to Ronald Reagan for Obama’s failure to bring the Olympics home to Chicago in 2016. They blamed rampant anti-Americanism caused by the Bush administration for this slap in the kisser by the IOC. And yet I’m left wondering what happened to the glorious feeling of “We’re apart of the world community again!” after this president made his way to the world stage. How did we go from Barack being the sole reason and purpose for America’s resurgent standing in the world, to Bush was the reason Barack couldn’t get the Olympics. And they’re also accusing conservatives and Republicans of quote, “gleefully celebrating this defeat for Obama” Now, I’m a Republican and I’m not gleeful, nor am I celebrating this so called defeat. I could care less whether we got the Olympic games or not, to be honest I felt we didn’t need them because our country is in the tank right now, and we need to focus on economic stability, rather than boosting our president’s ego with the games.

And that’s the heart of the matter folks: Arrogance, ego, self obsession. This was never about America as some in the media now try to spin it. This was about Barack Obama’s world tour, his arrogance inflating like a giant parade balloon, and how he comes off to the rest of the world. This was about testing one’s own ego and star power, and my friends that star faded like an old pair of Sassoon jeans. And for those who lost face, they try to save face by blaming others, namely the GOP and Rush Limbaugh.

They could have just picked their jaws up off the canvas, dusted their two thousand dollar suits off, sucked up the embarrassment, and taken it like a man. But instead they play the blame game, and that makes them look even more pathetic and sad. Did they even congratulate Rio for their proud moment? We have nothing against the fine people of Brazil, I love Brazil, the women there are absolutely beautiful. But no, the left threw a temper tantrum, blamed Bush, blamed Rush, and blamed Reagan for Barack Obama’s shortcomings.

There are two victims in all of this: Brazil is the first because their argument for the games were valid, they wanted the games for a truly patriotic reason: South America never hosted the Olympics. I was rooting for Brazil because I do think it’s a shame that a South American nation has never hosted the games, despite the influx of socialist and communist governments in South America, the people ought not bare the brunt of their actions and be denied such a tremendous and proud event. The people of Chicago are the second victim in all of this. Their leaders were aloof to the majority of people in Chicago who opposed the idea of the games being held in the Windy city. That lead me to believe this was a publicity stunt, a payback project, and an arrogant ploy to change the subject away from health care and Iran, and to boost this trans-nationalist president on the world stage, a stage I might add he much prefers than that of being president of the United States, yeah I said it, what?

So when they say America lost, don’t believe them, America didn’t lose, we had the games here eight times, and we can get them in 2020. South America never had the games, can we stop saying America lost, and take light in the fact that South America won? I know I will, because it’s not about me. Face it, the man got owned, deal with it, regroup and move on to more important issues like say health care reform, Iran’s nuclear program, and unemployment, which by the way went to 9.8%