The Final Chapter: On Capitalism and Individualism, The State and Society

I saw this video from Hannity on Fox News.com. You know, I’m not one to defend the practice of corporate America, because I disagree with corporate America for the most part. But I am a free market capitalist, and will defend such a system if and when need be. Today is that day in what is the final chapter in this “On” series of posts for Red State.

Here I am, an unemployed, college student, who loves and believes in capitalism. I support it not necessarily for the reason that I might be rich, I do not desire wealth as some might, and to each his own, but that is the point my conservative friends. “To each his own” is the theme of the free market. If you so choose to be poor, be poor, if you so choose to be rich, be rich, but above all let us remain free to choose such a destiny. I here these two wide eyed leftist college students from Pitt and they spew this rambling, anti-capitalist rhetoric, and yet, I’m willing to go out on a limb here: I wonder if they realize how that university came to be, or how the buildings were built and how those men who built those buildings were paid, hired, and in some cases rehired to build new facilities for the University of Pittsburgh; or any college or university for that matter. I wonder if those 20 something suburban college students who protested the G-20 summit realized who donates to their respected institutions, and how. It’s an interesting question to ponder, for those quick to rattle the saber against the system responsible for social and economical advancement for the last 200 some odd years.

And when they climb into their hybrid, I wonder if they ask themselves: “How was this car built, who built it, and how were they able to build such an innovate product such as this, the hybrid?” Contrary to popular belief among academia and their indoctrinated student body, socialism doesn’t create jobs, or wealth, or happiness, or comfort, it merely creates mediocrity, poverty, desolation, and eventually, tyranny by virtue of control from the state. You see, with socialism one is not allowed to decide whether or not he or she wants to be rich or poor, or in between. With socialism you have no choice, you shall be poor but the ploy is: “Why complain, we’re all poor yes, but we’re all poor”

The problem with those who despise capitalism is, they make their living from capitalism, for example: George Soros, Michael Moore, Phil Donahue, George Clooney, Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, Sally Fields, and other Hollywood leftists who often spout off during an acceptance speech for some award they won for a movie they weren’t very good in. They rail against this system which rape the helpless masses across the globe, living them poorer, ravaged, and without hope for anything better in their lives, and yet billions of people in India, Brazil, and China now reap the benefits of a free market oriented capitalist system. And all three countries were deemed “third world” at some point, with some of the most impoverished people on earth. living there.

You see, capitalism make not the man greedy, but his own intuition and character…or lack thereof. Capitalism didn’t cause the banks to fail, the actions and choices of greedy men who weren’t satisfied with what they had caused the massive bank failure and eventual economic collapse worldwide. Look at me, am I not a capitalist, as I said? And yet I’m far from a rich man, and that’s the point. Capitalism leaves you with choices, freedoms and most importantly it highlights that one component essential for success and growth both as a person and a society: “Individualism”

Individualism is what makes capitalism work because it gives us something socialism cannot: Choice. Come on now, I’ve said choice about fifty times in this post, are you starting to get it? Choice is what keeps the system great, failure keeps it honest, and greed is often cured by failure and that my dear right wing friends is a choice I value. You can be greedy or, you can do right by yourself and your capitalist intentions, or you will go broke and it will be by your own hand, not the government, not me, not the millions of people at Red State, not Barack Obama or god, by you, and you alone.

So, what have we learned? Capitalism is the ultimate arena for all kinds of people who want to make it big for all kinds of reasons. Like a natural ecosystem of some sort, those who play by the rules of capitalism: “Reason, Responsibility, Honesty, Intelligence, and Content” will survive. Those who partake in greed, dissatisfaction, irresponsibility, and deception will lose because the system will purge itself of such people.

So, next time your leftist friend criticizes capitalism, ask him or her this one question: “How did you get that car you drive? “How did you get that computer you use and that internet you use to post anti-capitalist diaries on the Dailykos?” If they avoid the answer, then they know the answer, and you shouldn’t ask again because you won the argument.