Self Preservation and The Common Defense: On the Decline of American Power

I saw a few clips here and there regarding Obama’s world stage antics at the UN general assembly meeting in New York, and the G-20 Summit in the “Steel City”. I’m one who listens closely to those who speak with fork tongues, and with Obama the man speaks not only with a fork tongue, but like a transnational leader. What I suspected is coming true, although sooner than I thought. Barack Obama will become our first transnational president. What George Herbert Walker Bush failed to solidify (New World Order) Barack Obama will make good on the idea of H.W. where nations build this world order to meet challenges together, rather than dealing with their own singular issues on a nation state by nation state or regional basis.

But what of trans-nationalism and how it undeniably makes the United States not only a tool for international bureaucracies, but a much weaker power both economically and Militarily. Let’s start with the biggest and most political international bureaucracy of them all: The United Nations. The UN has long been a breeding ground for international cronyism, where dictators are propped up by second tier powers and sometimes the United States (Ahmadenijad, Gaddafi, Chavez) a place where the vast majority of nations are represented by anti-American, anti-West, and anti-Israeli leaders from nations with large Muslim populations. The United Nations is a place where antisemitism influences many major decisions regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in Gaza. For far too long the UN took with one hand, while pointing it’s finger in the face of the US and Israel, though the United States not only hosts the UN in New York, the American taxpayer provides the majority of the UN’s funding.

And yet, even after this organization, and all its ineffectiveness has failed to deliver any meaningful resolutions or failed to recognize its own lack of representation of nations that recognize and embrace liberty and the rights of all people, it still exists. First of all yes, I am of the mind that the UN should cease to exist, and that we should use the headquarters in New York for public housing or retail space of some kind. Housing people who hate your country, your ideals, and the fact that your free and all the while funding them is not representative of American values, or so I thought.

But Barack Obama, who became the first American president ever to chair the UN security counsel sees things differently. He and I have a different view of the  American superpower, the leader of free nations, the last best hope for man on this earth as Ronald Reagan once said long ago. Barack Obama sees America as a leader among equals, or in most cases an equal partner who shares a mutual interest with some of the most regressive, selfish, and oppressive regimes in the history of man on this earth. But don’t worry, I’m sure we have plenty in common with Russia and the Red Chinese Communists. Contrary to what our dear leader may want to believe, Russia and China want a nuclear Iran because it puts us on our heels, and makes us look weak, because they know we won’t strike a nuclear armed country, or deal with a country in a region in which our track record so far has been mediocre at best, and I’m stretching the word “best”.

But let’s continue on this Utopian trip down One World Government Way, across from Loss of Sovereignty Drive, straight to the UN, the IMF, the World Trade Organization, the IAEA, NATO, among others. Calvin Coolidge was a skeptic of the League of Nations, though he wanted the US to join the International Criminal Court, I disagree with president Coolidge on that, though it’s the only disagreement I have with the great conservative.

American Military power will fade under Obama because he will continue to build restraints around it. One of those restraints was the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and the projected draw down of American nuclear weapons, bringing a vast and eventual decline of our long standing and extremely effective nuclear shield and deterrence. The theme of Obama’s foreign policy is simple: America bad, must scale back it’s military might for the sake of humanity on earth, Russia, China good, feel free to encroach on your neighbors and build your Military arsenal while  sinful America reverts back to pre-Cold War posture. I said it last month, and I believe it now more than ever: The United States will no longer be the lone superpower after 2010, I believe China will surpass us economically and eventually on a Military basis.

There are lessons to be learned from history alone, but it’s difficult when the president develops his domestic and foreign agenda around a premise that wages war against the history of this nation and our involvement in world affairs, as well as our leadership. He hates the fact that we’re a superpower and the only one for that matter. He feels it isolates us and makes us seem like we’re somehow villain because we have the world’s largest Navy with the world’s largest carrier fleet, the most advanced and largest Air Force, and the world’s largest economy.

But this is the mind of the trans-nationalist and the collectivist. He feels a sense of duty to explain away American power and influence. He regards American leadership as imperial arrogance and encroachment, our promotion of liberty and freedom for all mankind as boastful egotism and indoctrination. Barack Obama sees America the way a European sees America, Ronald Reagan and Calvin Coolidge saw America in a far different light.

Coolidge and Reagan, while they weren’t war mongers or interventionists, they both respected the Monroe Doctrine, they were highly skeptical of international organizations and treaties because they were fearful that such binding agreements would hamper American interests in the world. Ronald Reagan confronted evil, he didn’t seek to analyze it or come to terms with it’s evil. Calvin Coolidge, a man who saw war not as a national policy but of a bitter and unfortunate necessary action made sure no outside influence would creep into Latin America, in some cases to his own detriment.

We need clear and coherent leaders, we can’t afford another analytical globalist like Jimmy Carter. I don’t support war mongering or intervention in every conflict in every corner of the globe, but I also don’t support the Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan policy of isolationism. A sad truth remains, the United States, even if she wanted to, could not be an isolationist country, Pearl Harbor taught us that lesson. If we decided to pull back and remain quiet and to ourselves, though it sounds tempting and peaceful, strife and conflict would find us somehow, though we did not seek it out, we never have. I’m of the mind that America should have the world’s most powerful Military not as an occupying force, or a force to be stretched across the world, but as a reserved force ready to defend our country, our constitution and our allies if need be.

I support bringing the troops home from Germany and Japan. I support ending the Afghan war, but I may be alone in this mindset. The United States must have a “last resort” minded Military that is strong enough to be used only when we absolutely have to use our power. We must maintain an arsenal of nuclear weapons that are used only when we absolutely have to, an even larger carrier fleet, and Air Force that has the capability to strike any corner of the world at any moment if need be.

George W. Bush had it wrong I’m afraid, he took our Military for granted, and he took our power for granted. We can’t do everything, but we can do more than any other Military in the world. No Military no matter how advanced and powerful is immune to defeat or decline. Our Military will decline if we don’t prioritize, upgrade, and build, and if we don’t it will be defeated I’m afraid.

So in closing we must not look upon ourselves as a member nation of a Utopian collection of nation states who share sovereignty, but a leader among other nations far different in many ways, but similar in that we love freedom, independence, and would fight dearly to preserve it. Barack Obama believe not in “Providing for the common defense” because he’s relinquishing our common interests and our defense in the name of transnationalisms. This is a man who grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia, and a man who considers himself a global citizen more than an American citizen, what did you expect of his world view?