American Socialism and Despotism: On Incrementalism and Indoctrination

There are those who insist that the American mindset is one that inherently rejects that of socialism and statism, but one can argue, as I will in this post that through the process of incrementalism, and indoctrination one can achieve an absolutism in terms of socialism and a collectivist agenda. But what of this, process called incrementalism, well, this process was used most notably by the late Senator Edward Kennedy. Through this process one establishes his or her agenda through small, minimal changes within the system.

So I disagree with Joe Scarborough and others who believe the American people will never accept socialism, as Ronald Reagan once said in reference to a quote by then six times candidate for president from the Socialist Party Norman Thomas:“Under the mantle of liberalism the American people will accept fragments of the socialist agenda”. This is the point in which Joe Scarborough and others failed to put two and two together. Under this president, the mantle was change, not liberalism. Under this president the mantle was bipartisanship, a new way as he put it. But if you looked close enough, you could read the writing on the wall, and it told of a different agenda, one that was socialistic and quite frankly communistic.

Despotism is singular rule by an individual or group of people over a majority. Throughout history despotism created the foundations for what we now refer to as tyranny, or totalitarianism. I’m not one to suggest that the United States stands now as a full fledged totalitarian state, nor do I suggest that our president has caged us in a tyranny, but one can point to numerous examples of the road headed in that direction. I happen to believe that despotism wages war on democracy, as I believe socialism wages war on the wealthy and the concept of individualism. But those who believe in the origins of liberalism, by way of libertarianism know that socialism is merely an emotional argument that depends heavily on incrementalism and indoctrination in order for it to take effect and thus remaining a ruling system of government.

Now on indoctrination and the reeducation of the youth that will inhabit the country when we’re older and form some of us, deceased. The progressive movement focused on the youth for reasons of natural occurrence: “Educate them in your ideology, they will grow, and in turn educate to those after that which was taught to them” We know of this plan by the left through academia to plants seeds of a counter revolution. It started in the 1960s and continues today under the mantle of service and community.

There are examples of socialist incrementalism throughout our government and our academic institutions. I would venture to say that the majority of Americans reject socialism absolutely, but that same majority wouldn’t recognize socialism from the deeds of citizenship, and indoctrination from volunteerism and community activism. The leftist planned it that way, they purposely merged the two in order to confuse the average citizen. The most frightening scenario for this country is to have our own system of government used against us in contempt of our very nature as Americans.Just remember what they think about the individual: “He is by his very nature an immoral and greedy man, who only for himself wishes success and comfort, turning profits on the back of his fellow man, leaving him poverty stricken and disenfranchised”. The rules of socialism call for the end individualism by way of a collective society in which no one is above anyone else. In a collectivist society we’re equal in our mediocrity as we are in our misery.